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  • About yesterday, yes, she had a good day! We watched harry potter the final, she just got the movie in the mail, she is so proud. and I loved the movie as well. HP rockz. We also had a nice dinner in Germany and had a nice breakfast. Only some killer spiders in the night we had to kill, but we survived it XD

    How are you doing, by the way ? ^^


    Thank you for informing me about your experience with travelling.
    I have to admit that whenever I'm busy, I'm too busy to think about anxiety.

    The trick for me is '' getting my mind on business'' and then I can just be in my own world. Same goes for me in the classroom, whenever I'm typing a story I totally forget about the world around me, so it's perfect in class. I write such long reports and assignments, hahaha. So it's even a good thing I would guess. :p

    Travelling sure keeps ya busy, a lot of things to see, new experiences, people we don't know at all, different cultures.

    Where have you been all? Have you ever been to Canada youself?^^
    You bet... something like that at least... I dont have any yet, still not sure if I want one... anything I cant get out of makes me feel uncomfortable.. I do admire the artwork though
    It is. I was looking at fern designs at first and I couldnt see anything I liked.. so I started looking at Korus. I eventually came across a tattoo design website that had a bunch of good ones.. I am going to get a Koru tattoo one day, maybe on my shoulder or bicep. They look really good.
    Thank you...! You have no idea how long it took me to find something suitable. It is made from Koru's... I thought it looked nice
    I like yours too... I have seen quite a few new ones today :)
    hehe~ did everyone change theirs today?
    I've been thinking about it for awhile... not sure why I waited so long to finally do it.
    Thanks! I do try to pick expressions I feel a connection with.
    Hey Aletheia, yeah I have had other users choose a pic I was thinking of using before too:)
    It went good, actually! I played okay and we went out into Sydney afterwards. It all turned out well. I'll post a more detailed description in the "what are you doing?" thread. :)
    Aletheia, you wound me:rolleyes:! Kiss it to make it better;)! That's the least you could do to take responsibility for your actions! Besides, that's what Skype and video chat were designed for, so I could get lost in your beautiful eyes amd drop cheesy pick up lines::p:! We don't have to if you don't want to if it makes you uncomfortable; I'm only here to try to make you happy:cool:.
    Are you sure? What if my flirting with you plants some romantic feelings for me within you;)? Are you fine with that?
    You mention your age as if it were a deterrant, which it isn't;). There's nothing wrong with how old you are; more on that point, older women have the experience and know-how that most younger women lack.

    Anyway, the only girl problem I have is that girls won't look me in the eye or even look at me at all. I seem to be a female deterrant, and yet, wherever I go, there seems to be females waved right in front of my face. I think the universe is laughing at me and taunting me. Aside from that, I just can't talk to or approach girls; they put me on guard and I have no experience in dealing with them.
    Hey, you shouldn't say things like that to me. It gives me "ideas" and "thoughts" and "feelings";). Teasing me will only make me want you more.
    Haha thanks. Its weird where I got it from. Its a character from this series of novels I like called the Night Angel trilogy. He's some assassin , that if killed, would be resurrected a day later and would assume a new identity. This is one of his names I found quite hilarious :p What's yours mean?
    I give metal more than that, but that's just my personal preference. ;)

    Haha that's good that the wife gives him support. Makes it a little better for him, and she can brag about him, haha.

    I am actually sitting here very nervous about tonight. The one thing that saves me is that I'm at the back of the stage, masked by a drum set, so I have some security there, even if it's not much. My anxiety does increase, though, but I try to channel what I know and it works.
    Hiya, thanks for the kind words yesterday. It's really nice to feel appreciated!

    Actually, I've been feeling relatively safe around here lately, which is unusual for me. I hope it lasts. And I hope you're feeling less nervous here too.
    Well, seeing as my favourite type of music is metal, I hardly think he's squandering anything! :D I am in a band, yeah. It's going good, and we're about to record a new album. We have a gig tomorrow night.

    Yeah, I hear you about the motivation wavering. Consistency would be lovely, but hard to obtain.
    Drum lessons are going great. Been going to those for over 11 years now. My motivation for drums ebbs and flows, but I generally enjoy it.

    I know it's okay to cry, but I managed to stop myself. Maybe next time if it gets quite heavy in there. :)
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