When I'm down.. (Not for the squeamish)


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It was weird.. when I went to "reply" to yours, your gif came up twice. Then I'd go to put mine in and they'd come up as web links.. which usually doesn't happen for me.
I mucked around with it for a bit, did it mess things up? :unsure:
Earlier I had a quick peek but had to do stuff so didnt reply and there were two gifs there, but then when I came back it was two different ones and I saw that you'd edited it so I'd assumed you just changed your mind on the gifs
When I was in China a cpl of years ago, at the end of the trip I was in Hong Kong and went to Disney Land. I stood out the front of this Mansion and all my childhood curiosity came flooding back. 'Mystic Manor'. I ended up going back through 5 times as it was everything my childhood fantasies for adventure yearned for.
The blue 'magic' light that escapes from the box actually went through the air (in the video it doesn't show the effect very well). It was amazing and I highly recommend it.