What's your favourite instrumental music?


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There are too many instrumentals for me to list that I like. Here are 2 random guitar instrumentals that I like tho. They both have a very "deep" sound to them xD.

I really like this instrumental. It makes you feel like you are going a great journey.

I like this cover because of how beautiful it is. It is very peaceful but at the same time very sad. While listening to this instrumental you feel like you are watching time unfold but can't do anything about it. It keeps passing and life keeps going but there is nothing you can do to stop it. I highly suggest you don't listen to this if you are depressed lol. I almost got a panic attack from listening to it this time. It really brings strong emotions out.
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I've always really liked this song.
It reminds me of this one time I was at Cheesecake Factory and this guy driving a mini van was blasting this song and we totally made weird eye contact - it was awesome lol.

That is officially the song I want playing in the background if I ever quit a job in a fit of rage and start throwing around company property and flipping people off. Not that I've ever fantasized about doing that...

Been listening to Sigur Rós quite a bit lately... Kinda weird that I'm starting to appreciate post-rock instrumental music more than typical rock/metal music. That said, it's relaxing, great to fall a sleep to.