What do you do when walking down a street?


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I’m interested to know what you do when you are walking down the street. Where do you look, what do think about? do you act in a particular way on purpose?
How do normal people walk down the street?
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I hate walking in public. I'm constantly tugging at my clothes to make sure they look neat and in place. I dont like it when my shoe laces flop around so I tuck them into my shoe. If they pop out while I'm walking I feel jittery and cant resist pushing them back in. I start to wonder if I'm walking ok. Is my back straight? Are my knees bending? Are my shoulders too high? Should I move my arms back and forth?

Seriously If I notice a lot of people watching me walk... I usually trip :/ Its quite comical.

The worst was when I panicked at the college library and tried to run up the stairs in dress shoes... Dress shoes dont have grips so I kinda slipped going up the stairs and landed on my face in front of a group of preppy girls... :/
One hand in my pocket and trying to move the other hand in a way that looks normal when walking. I must have my iPhone or iPod to listen to music. I look down at least 2 times every minute as if i'm looking at something. Once a guy from school told me I should let my hands be more free and move them wile walking, it's been stuck in my head since then.


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i feel incredibly self conscious,that's why i rarely walk anywhere anymore,i used to love walking when i had a friend but now it's scary just to think of getting out of the house.it looks like other people think of nothing when they are going places,usually they have a purpose,no one just walks around alone for no reason,they are either gonna meet a friend or run errands.

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I used to walk as fast as I could while staring at the ground and when there were a lot of people I was constantly thinking "I need to get out of here" or something similar.
Now I just focus on keeping my head up and slowing down my pace but I still catch myself staring at the ground all the time. And both hands are always in my pockets unless I'm carrying something ofcourse.


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Usually I'm fine, just listening to music, thinking about whatever.

Sometimes I feel more self conscious and I can even forget how to walk :p


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i always listen to music when im outside and i watch and hear everything going on around me and i tend to be pretty jumpy when i see something sudden happen. i dont trust anything when im outside unless im alone walking through a field then i just daydream and relax a bit.
I couldn´t listen to music when walking down the street or just anywhere outside, it would be uncomfortable to me, and also I feel it is completely unnecessary. If I wanted to listen to music, I can do so at home. I also think if I didn´t hear the sounds of what´s going on around me, I would run under a car soon, or got hit by one.

What I think about when walking down the street it varies I guess. Just the crap I normally think of.


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I scan the area, I view and examine everything. I'm usually driving my car, but sometimes, I walk to city of Halifax. When I park my car, I usually have to park in a parking gerage and walk to wherever I'm going, which is quite a piece usually.
I look at people's feet and try to stay out of anyone's way-- get really tense in the shoulders, panic and clench my jaw.
Ultimate praise! ::p:

In my vicinity, from home to shopping mall, escalators, streets, rail station, and all that at the other end, I've had a Jason Bourne Supremacy throughout life. Royal Marines. Dawdling dozers are too slow. I run up fixed stairs between up & down escalators 10x quicker than anyone. Old biddies look scared. I never go anywhere near anyone. I have a destination in mind, and a purpose for it. I do sprint, unless there's too much human tissue in the way. :eek:

No timewasting. A lot of dodging, and superior wondering what people want. London is a bit quicker, but I'm the fastest...

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I’m interested to know what you do when you are walking down the street. Where do you look, what do think about? do you act in a particular way on purpose?
How do normal people walk down the street?
I walk like these stuck up prats:

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Seriously, I just walk and ignore everyone unless someone speaks to me or if I know them. I just focus on reaching my destination. Sometimes I think about work or something.


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When walking anywhere in public, i automatically put on my best poker face. I set my shoulders & walk with confidence. It's hard to do sometimes, but it makes me seem unapproachable, so i don't have to deal with talking to people. Which scares me.

Edit: I'm usually listening to some form of music, & that helps me clear my head a bit. When i get too nervous to maintain my composure, i walk as fast as possible, avoid eye contact (not that i wasn't doing that to begin with), & dodge/weave through the people.
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I look at whatever is around me and think about whatever my mood is at the moment. I try not to dwell too much on my self-concious or about what other people are thinking, cause it'll only make me feel uncomfortale or nervous. My iPod is my trusty sidekick and listen to it whenever I go out power walking.


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I try to look straight ahead and think of stuff to keep my mind occupied so I'm not worried about the people approaching me. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


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Im usually Ok when im walking and there isnt many people around, but when other pedestrians come about I start to tense up and I start to walk so forced. I usually put my hands in my pockets and hang my head.
I'm always on edge when I walk down a street. People get off the bus without checking for someone on the sidewalk - I've almost gotten bumped into a few times. People on bicycles on the sidewalk, sometimes going the wrong direction and not caring about pedestrians. Other people not paying attention. Cars breaking traffic laws and not watching for pedestrians. I also worry when I see rough looking men - I'm afraid of getting beat up.


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Since I live in a city with 2 mil population it's hard not to be with lots of people on subways, trams, buses. Being among them wasn't a problem before, just since I envy random people on street a lot cause of their relationships and becuase of their social skills and all that crap...
I unfortunately stare at others & listen to some music on my phone.