the randumm nullness thread


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Bored out of my mind at the moment, also hungry haha might go get something to eat.
That's what I'm gonna do! Fish sandwich at McDonald's. Hopefully won't be stale this time and taste like an old shoe :)
McDonald's is like going to the casino, you always hope for the best going in but almost always leave disappointed ;-)


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McDonalds has gone downhill lately. I'm trying Burger King or Wendys for a burger next time.
Yeah then they wonder why revenue is down. Umm because your food is overpriced and not very good!
Breakfast is still decent at McDonald's though.
Overpriced but decent.
The fish sandwich was ok this time as were the fries.
My McDonald's has issues with things being stale but this being lent the fish sandwiches must be turning over quickly.
Got a burger at Wendy's last month and it was like gourmet compared to what I'm used


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Wow! That is freakin' intense! Like a beautiful nightmare!
I just made it my desktop background:thumbup:
Glad you liked it! :) I was really inspired by that poem you wrote (post it please?)

At first I was going to go with a minimalist approach. I had this big buffalo skull outside in the snow with maybe a plastic flower next to it in mind for a photo but then I went and did that one lol I basically just turned the words into images. Was pretty fun! Kinda depressing and yeah like you say a beautiful nightmare is like what life can really be!

write more poems lately?


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Here is the poem that goes with Molly's picture:

"a poem for Christmas day 2014"

a poem for Christmas day 2014,
even though it's technically over,
It's 12:17am on the 26th now,
the world will beat you down and then mock your weakness,
the world wants to tempt you with plastix,
the world wants to tempt you with food and thighs and legs,
it wants to tempt you with fame and meds,
then it wants to tell you that you are weak,
the world wants you weak,
and you are weak,
you may not know it but you are weak,
now it's 12:26am on 12/26.
I forgot I tried to share this with you awhile back it was my collaboration with your one poem. Hope ya like it

Wow! That is freakin' intense! Like a beautiful nightmare!
I just made it my desktop background:thumbup:
Glad you liked it! :) .........
............write more poems lately?
Oh ya! The muse has been hitting this past week. Right now working on one titled "Sh*t Your Pants" which mixes darkness and humor. :bigsmile:
^Can't wait for MollyBeGood to create an original artwork to go with this next poem your working on, Spartan! :p

p.s I also think that artwork you posted was great, MollyBeGood.


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Today I watched two well dressed boys, both wearing white shirts and ties, searching and scrounging around the sidewalk for used cigarette butts.
One would pick one up and they would both inspect it and then they would move quickly to find the next. And they were doing it so fast. They were out of sight very quickly.
It all seemed dystopian. Like something from a dystopian movie.