The positive thread



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Thats not what he was saying.
He is saying whenever your happy your are also in PAIN, the example you just gave me shows me someone been happy, then sad.. not both at the same time.

Anyway, you know whatever you know.

I believe a person can feel happiness without feeling pain at the same time.

And please don't reply because we have spoke enough rubbish in a thread that is meant for positive posts only.

For the record I never said you feel pain when your happy but I dont want to argue I said you must put it on a shelf, meaning it is no longer with you.


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Today (well yesterday) my neice and nephew came round. They were both fighting over who could sit on me and cuddle upto me, i felt so loved. ::eek:: I love them so much, they make me happy.


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Hmmm... I managed to buy a pack of Big Red gum today. The people in line were pretty intimidating, but it was worth it. The pack acted as a general anxiety and stress
reliever for the rest of the day.

I also perused an art gallery that had 2-3 other people in it. Though I felt frightened, the familiar atmosphere of the gallery brought me ease and I was able to appreciate the experience as a whole.


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The mixture of Radiohead and coffee makes me unusually happy. Now if they would just deliver coffee so I didn't give weird looks to all the customers. LOL.


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I weighed myself today and im very happy.
Finally down to 11 stone, was weighing a total of 13 and half stone back in january because i hardly did anything when i developed agoraphobia i piled on the weight as you do.

So yup, feeling good and hopefully can loose another stone =)


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reading this thread made it a happy morning :)
I was able to go to the thrift store a couple days ago and it wasn't as bad as I expected. I mean it was intimidating being on the bus... but I still got there no harm done. Then I got home, and went back out to the grocery store :D

I am extremely passionate, dedicated and logical. Music and sunlight will never be far for long


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I'm moderately good at everything i try, but not amazing at simply ONE thing. (That was meant to be positive- lol)


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I have empathy for people and animals. I like my unique sense of humor and despite what i used to think, i like that i'm not a loud mouth extrovert.