Six reasons why many people with SA have trouble getting over it

I think that list can be fitted to apply to any obstacle one faces in life. When I face a problem, I find most success when I take into consideration the items he listed there. And when I struggle, often it is due to one of those reasons mentioned in the original post.

I know this thread has as much flack as it does love, probably due to the title (SA isn't always something people see as a thing you "get over", it's something you live with) but I think there is a lot of valuable insights in that post. It's definitely helped me in the past.


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if it were that easy everyone would be cured but perhaps some people could be missing out on these points. for me, i'd be better in one case but not the other and i can't help it and that's why alternatives r better off for me and counselling could be a good factor.
I think we have much in common: :)
  • i've been anti-social and never going out with anyone for decades (my entire life in fact)
  • i've had problems with BDD, & still do on occasion
  • i live in the south pacific also (your neighbour - new zealand)
  • i can only handle jobs where my mind's energy is focussed on mental tasks (it keeps my mind "out of mischief" & on positives & off negatives & off personal matters & people shlt); for you, you can focus your energies on physical tasks & be okay
  • i've gone overboard on my diet, obsessively recording eg every single finger of nutella from the jar! (in the end, it was too much work & too hard to keep up with my constant snacking/nibbling - like a rabbit!)
  • very low success with relationships (for me, i have had zero relationships of any kind, not even short-term ... so 0% success for me)
  • i tend to overwork myself (workaholic; can't stop; get obsessed with perfection/pedantism)
Hey, trying anyone at this stage isn't going to help you unless you help yourself. I am going to tell you how I overcame this. So I too tried researching and seeking people for this but I ended up reading an article of which I'll include the link later, and then coming to realize that I have plenty of other stuff to do and focus on them instead of this. Hope you understand the point and direction. Get well. Article was on Anxietyscope by the name of Neurotic Depression.
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