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I just came across a few tests if anyone's interested.
Mental Health Self Tests

I scored in the 40s for anxiety, social anxiety and depression - severe anxiety, social anxiety very probable, and moderate depression. For OCD I scored 35% - highly suggestive of OCD. o_0


Anxiety: 47% Severe Anxiety
Social Anxiety: 83%
Depression: 57% Severe Depression
OCD: 37% Highly suggestive of OCD
Anxiety Test - 23%

Social Anxiety Test - 94%

Depression Test - 55% (Severe Depression)

I didn't bother doing the OCD test


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I got 53% in Social Anxiety. I know it's quite much, but I think I'm improving (some months ago I would have got about 60 or something like that, maybe) :)
My most feared situations out of those: speaking up to a group of people, talking to strangers, and asking for a date.


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general anxiety:
45% severe anxiety

social anxiety:
53% social anxiety disorder very probable

17% mild depression


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Anxiety test: 42 % = Severe Anxiety
Social Anxiety test: 40 % = Social Anxiety Disorders Probable
Depression test: 35 % = Moderate Depression
OCD test: 20 % = Possible OCD


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Your score: 65 % --> Severe Anxiety
Your score: 72 % --> Social Anxiety Disorder Extremely Probable
Your score: 82 % --> Profound Depression and a possible personality disorder
Your score: 18 % --> Possible OCD


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Anxiety -> Your score: 72 %
Social Anxiety -> Your score: 75 %
Depression ->Your score: 87 %
OCD ->Your score: 30 %

I fail at all of these, haha.
wow you got some high grades there...have you cheated the tests?::p:


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Your score: 63 % ----> Severe Anxiety
Your score: 72 % ----> Social Anxiety Disorder Extremely Probable
Your score: 78 % ----->Profound Depression and a possible personality disorder
Your score: 8 % ----->No or Low Chance of OCD


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30% on Anxiety (that one was going so well until the last two - lots of trouble going out, frequent trouble going to sleep!)
56% on Social Anxiety
7% on Depression
13% on OCD

The OCD test seems like something that doesn't work well at all in the multiple choice format. I take twice as long as most people I know to wash my hands mostly because most people I know think holding your hands under running water is washing your hands.

I also avoid a lot of this stuff (people still make their beds? :confused:) purely because I am a terrible slob.

The depression test relying on 'the last 7 days' seems somewhat off to me but that's probably because most everything in the questionnaire hasn't really changed for me in ages.


Anxiety: 33% (20 out of 60)
Social Anxiety: 60% (43 out of 72)
Depression: 55% (33 out of 60)
OCD: 32% (19 out of 60)


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i have ocd, and depression, and anxiety (i have already been diagnosed)
but i took the social anxiety one and it said 51% highly probabable