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  • Hi I'm Ransford.What's day to day life like in Spain.The good and the bad.I live in London and tha comes with some good things and some bad things.
    Good luck with your exams :)
    I love your name, its beautiful.
    I don't have an facebook account atm, I had one but I closed it for some reasons. But I can PM you my email if you want.
    Hey, yeah its been quite a long time. I'm well, how are you?
    Yeah Srijita's my real name? What's yours? Is it Amy?
    Hey you're right we haven't spoken in a long while. I'm alright, how are you doing girl?
    Soy del oeste de los Estados Unidos. Creci en Colorado. Y tu? Eres Española, no? Vives en Barcelona?
    jaja, Estoy bien y tu? no soy un español de verdad, soy americano viviendo y trabajando en Galicia pero me encanta la país y nunca quiero volver a mi país!
    That's cool! and yeah of course we do. I think its observed all over the world (if I'm not making any mistakes) I'm at a party atm but its draining lol.
    That's great! Yeah, we can talk on chat sometime and btw wish you a very happy new year *2012* Have you made any resolutions yet?
    You did go to a lot of places for such a short period I think. Santa Monica is my favorite. How did you like it? You went to the pier?

    When I win the lottery, I will be visiting all of you! :p
    I'm sure you'll find one, don't give up. Oh that's so sweet of you ^_^ I'm really struggling to socialise or make new friends and with scary parties lol. Looks like everyone's having a good time here but me. Plus the tests are a little exhausting. Most of our Psychology lectures are in English but others are mainly in Bengali (which btw is an Indian language) What about yours?
    I have not heard of that city. Was it like a school trip? I am sorry to hear you didn't have that great of an experience. Perhaps later you will come visit again and it will better! What places did you go to? I have not traveled much anywhere, so visiting Spain would be a dream.
    I never know what to write on postcards :p
    I am in Los Angeles, in one of the beach cities here. Where did you visited? How did you like it here?
    Yeah, looking for a job when you have SA is really hard. Hope you find one soon. I'm okay, just super frustrated with my tests atm.
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