Rate My Acting.


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It's pretty good Friendly!

I understood almost everything but i hope you can help me understanding 3 things:

1 What is the person saying at 1:13? i understood "mind camp" what is that, is it correct?
2 2:31 "how these events have shaped (i'm not sure).... concerning (i think again) life in contemporary America
3 2:56 "but if is not on my desk by tomorrow morning, you are...ghost at vanish speech high

that's what i undersood hahaha

Srry still working on my listening skills. Tho sometimes i don't even understand people in spanish.

Anyway, i really liked it and that old camera style is great. Are you studing acting? i'd like to know what happened to Derrick (i think that's the name, please tell me i'm right or i'll fall into a depression) when is the next episode released?

Directed by Friendlyshadow
Starring Friendlyshadow as Friendlyshadow
Music composed by Friendlyshadow :bigsmile:

Thank you for sharing it.


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I think you did a good job, but if I have one tip for you it would be for you to actually get into the roles those characters are playing, ie, what they're doing and what they stand for, otherwise you're just memorizing lines and not giving those people a soul.


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Ok i just realized it was based on "American history X" didnt read that under the video because there's one of those web adds and didn't pay attention. The name is Derek and not Derrick (both sound ALMOST the same, but i'm always so complicated, why didn't i think in Derek when is a much more common name :( )

Ok relistening the original scene:

2:31 How these events helped shape your present perspective(i understood prospective) concerning (yay) life in contemporary America.

2:56 You are a Ghost (yay) at Venice (Vanish) beach (Speech) High (yay) Well that wasn't that bad

Is funny how i understand the original actor in some parts of the dialog while there are others where i understand you much more clearly.

Like when he says: I'll be the only one reading it, he's like "i'll be the only one readin it Stop praying, i can't hear you, had my ear on the screen!

Btw after seeing the original scene, i must say you did great, you even mimic some of their gestures!

PS in my defense about Derek, i must say that if you turn on the automatic subtitles, youtube translates Derek to Derrick ROFL