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For some reason no one has posted it yet on youtube, but the live performance of Sleep to Dream on Fiona Apple's new album is amazing.
Fiona Apple - Sullen Girl [LIVE] - YouTube

"well for basically all my life I guess a lot of people have interpreted my behavior as sullen because I don't tend to to talk a lot and, um, this song is basically about the frustration of misunderstood and, um, the tendency of the misunderstood to kind of sink into their own world, or my tendency to do that, so, um, this is called sullen girl"


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I love their live performances. At the last concert I went to, where they performed, they made the audience sing and recorded that for use in a future song. Sometimes they throw balloons into the audience (sometimes with money in them), at another time they sent out questionnaires to the people with the concert tickets, where they people could mark their favorite songs. And they then played the most popular songs in that order. Or once they asked for volunteers in the audience, before the concert started, and took a dozen of them onto the stage after painting them blue. ^^

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