Physical Problems?

Has anyone ever had such bad anxiety that they have something physically wrong with them afterwards?
Personally, I get so tense during my anxiety attacks that I have extremely sore muscles the next day...


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Yes, my anxiety used to cause me to get terrible tension headaches, also would get aching muscles through tensing up when anxious, don't get this so much now, which is a surprise as my SA is no better than it was years ago.


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Sometimes I get that feeling where your stomach drops, but it's like it keeps falling, and if I didn't have a barrier in place it would probably fall out. Very unpleasant feeling, and it often saps my appetite.


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Whenever I experience anxiety, my hands would tremor really badly, my blood pressure feels like it just went up high, my stomach gets nauseous and tight, and time to time I do feel my muscles get tight and sore, probably because of all this stress I had to undergo. That's not only the hardest part to deal with, but it's also a struggle making someone understand what I'm going through. I feel like I maybe sadly one of those people that were cursed with with a serious condition of bad luck. I think someone or something out there had to be so damn cruel enough to have laid such a terrible curse on me, and loves to watch me fail and break down all the time. It's as if someone does not want me to succeed, they never want me to be happy.


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I used to get horrible stomach pains every week like clockwork due to a weekly church youth group meeting my parents forced me to attend. I don't recall why this thing upset me so, but I certainly remember the agony in my guts, so something must have been wrong.

More recently, I suffered an attack of shingles (according to Dr. Google), which is a recurrence of the chickenpox virus (from around forty years ago) triggered by stress, in this case courtesy of my evil, demented landlords. They sent workmen into my apartment, which freaks me out more than just about anything else, and it took them three weeks to do a job which should only have taken a couple of days. It hurt like hell, and has left me permanently scarred, though fortunately only on the back of my head and neck where it doesn't show too badly.


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Well I went through 5 years of severe panic attacks, they were intensely physical and the symptoms of dizziness, chest tightness, fatigue lasted for days sometimes building up to the attack itself.


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I have to take medication in order to eat and sleep because of all my mental illness's. I also get a sore stomach, ache in my muscles, and nausea. I've been experiencing a lot of it recently.