New Year's resolution!


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I know it's a little early to write this but I'm bored right now. So what r your New Year's resolution!
it can be one, two or a lot of things!
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Hie yer hence from me heath!

;):LOL: Naw ! But, seriously... I will probably try n’ do the following:

1. Learn how play the guitar better, ie. playing guitar solos

2. Learn how to play the piano properly

3. Hopefully make a few of music albums

4. Teach my sister a song on the bass guitar before my birthday

5. Get back into a regular exercise routine
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Good luck with that! Great stuff!
Hope you lose those 80 lbs Fountain! If you don't eat rice or noodles (carbs) and replace it with other filling foods such as things with protein and lots of veggies with healthy sauce like balsalmic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and herbs like garlic and oregano and eat some fruits and don't eat sugar except you can try some honey or only get the sugar from fruits and the stuff you already eat, not refined sugar then you will lose weight. :)

That's precisely what I plan to do, lily. :D The weight will fall off once I commit to the diet. I can honestly lose it all in just a few months.

My New Year's resolution is to get off meds, lose more weight, exercise, continue w/ my diet, probably go to do cbt and go to the support group where they have people who deal with Mental Health challenges and more.

You can do it, lily. I feel like you have a good mental attitude and you're willing to devote yourself.


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That's precisely what I plan to do, lily. :D The weight will fall off once I commit to the diet. I can honestly lose it all in just a few months.

You can do it, lily. I feel like you have a good mental attitude and you're willing to devote yourself.
Wow, you're so optimistic! That's great! Thanks for the compliment!


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year of book. I want to make more progress on my wildflower books.
year of the run. I want to try to return to running like I could before the stroke.
year of the market stall. I dream of setting up a local market stall to sell my photos.
year of conservation. I want to help save some of the threatened plant species I am working on.
year of the social butterfly. I want to continue to expose myself to social situations.

I want to become a person that achieves things, that makes something of themselves. For example an author.


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Before I dive into my Resolutions for this year, I wanted to reflect on my resolutions from previous years and whether or not I accomplished them.

From 2017, I think I started the year with a goal to write everyday, which I did accomplish. Unfortunately I didn't write down the resolutions, but I think I made a general goal of cleaning the house (I did) and working on my fitness which I did by getting back into casual running shape. It was a year of consistency, with my goals being writing every day, running every morning, or cleaning for 15 minutes every day. It was habit building, with quality not being an object. If I only ran a quarter mile or wrote one sentence I deemed it a success as it was better than nothing.

Then in 2018 I posted in a thread like this which I can more directly reflect on. First I wanted to focus more on writing and try to make a more cohesive story out of the ideas I came up with the year before. I didn't do that, and found that most of the year I drifted away from writing. Second, I wanted to make exercising more of a habit. The result for this is a bit more of a mixed bag. Overall, I definitely ran more and farther distances, but it was inconsistent. I was more okay with skipping a day, or not stretching. Looking back at the year, I am happy with what I did, but I felt I could have done better. Thirdly, I wanted to read 20 books. I read 11. On goodreads my goal was 12 books, so I thought I was much closer to my goal. I am okay with how it turned out. Fourth I wanted to focus on my diet, which I did not do at all. It was one of those things I was always going to to do, but never today. And then fifth, I left open the option to look at a lot of different things I hadn't figured out yet. One of which was work, which I made the most ground on. I quit my kitchen job, experimented with a lot of different work-from-home jobs and as of now have found a mix that works. This was my overall focus for the year I think, and I am definitely happy with things looking back.

For 2019, my Resolution focus is to be a Grown-up. While I do have specific things I want to accomplish, I want to them through the scope of a "grown-up." While I know being a grown-up has that reputation for sucking, I think it can satisfying and fulfilling as well. Also, I just turned 27 and don't really have a choice anymore. It's a vague concept I know, but by it I mean I want to think about other and be aware of myself and my surroundings. I want to take responsibility for my actions and reflect on whether I not I did or am doing the right thing, and what the right thing to do next would be. Basically thinking about others, trying to figure out what the best thing to do is, and doing it. The way I have always thought of it is if someone was watching me, would I be ashamed or disappointed in myself for what they were seeing? If the answer is yes, I need to be doing something different.

Now, on to the specific resolutions!

1)Diet - This is the one I am not putting off until tomorrow. This month I have already decided to go no meat and no junk. I'll have one cheat day where I go to a buffet that is heavy on the meat, but otherwise I am cutting these things out for the month. They have become too prominent in my diet, and I want to go a month exploring meals without them. I don't plan on going vegetarian, but I want to start cutting back and a month without seems like the best route. I want to continue to conscious of what I eat, hopefully keeping track of what I eat and drink as well throughout the year. I also want to start buying my own food, hopefully after tax season. As I said I'm 27 now and should be doing this already, it'll help me control my diet further while also saving my parents money and getting me out of the house more often.

2)Exercise - Another big item on my list and will hopefully go hand and hand with the diet. I want to continue to run, but I want to diversify my exercise methods this year. I've already started with sit-ups, and with the cold weather I have found myself running in place which feels like a different workout than doing so moving forward. I really want to continue to incorporate workouts into my more sedentary activities. When I watch tv, I want to run in place or use the elliptical machine, or even something like curls. While playing video games, I want play in short bursts (2-8 minutes) and in between do situps or pushups or something else. I really like doing this because it allows me to do things I enjoy while also improving myself, it makes the fun feel like a reward. I don't have any specific time or number goals here, but I want to develop them as the year goes on.

3)Work - The biggest thing I want to do here is be more disciplined. My work situation is going to change as the year goes on I am sure, and I want to be flexible in this. I basically want to follow what I did the year before and do it more efficiently and without it completely taking over my life.

4)Writing - Last year I fell off with this, and I am somewhat ok with this. I think at times I did so with a pipe dream of it solving all my life and monetary woes, and at other times it was an outlet to blossom negativity about unchangeable things from the past or immaturely idealize solutions to things I should have been addressing in the real world. I want to get back to writing this year, but with the right head on my shoulders. I want it to be for reflection and exploring ideas, not dwelling on sadness or hopelessness. I may want to explore those things, but I want to do so productively.

5)Music - Music is a great thing that can set a tone or a mood, and I want to try to use it to get the best out of me. I want to work on making playlists and figuring out what music works best for which parts of life. I want work music and running music and writing music and laying in bed doing nothing music and car music. I want my music listening experience to be a more conscious one.

6)People - This - ugh -this is the one I have known to be a problem for a long time, but have not wanted to address. I need to people better. I haven't put much effort into my interactions or relationships with people for a long time now, and it really shows. I can definitely feel it in my bones. When I talk about being a grown-up, this is where I really want to focus it on. I have to start doing the basic things, like asking people how their day is and making eye contact, or picking up those social cues that say "Hey, ask me about this!" or "Tell me about this!" and actually act on them. I really want to work on putting myself in the shoes of other people again, and do so thinking the best of them whenever I can. I know this will be the hardest one for me, but for the first time in a long time its one I feel I can start working on again.

And I think that's it? So, to me in 2020 who is reading this I hope you did a good job. Actually I hope you did way more stuff.