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Just went to make myself a huge mug of milo, but when I was pouring the milk into the mug I noticed it was an odd consistency, turned out the packaging was damaged so the milk was beyond off (I only bought it the other day and hadnt opened it til just then)... needless to say I no longer feel like a giant mug of milo o_O:cry::LOL:
Oh Loyal... that sux :LOL:


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Almost done with the xmas shopping, just 4 more to buy (plus my dogs treat dinners but thats closer to the day). 3 of the gifts left though are ones that I have no idea what to get them, it needs to be light small things so it doesnt cost too much to post coz two are international and postage is insanely expensive... I'll be glad once they are all bought and wrapped/ or posted coz I hate having an imposing deadline :LOL:
Today makes seven. Seven years since this world got a little colder, a little darker, and a hell of a lot lonelier. I miss you more than you'll ever know. You deserved so much more from life. I keep saying your name to myself because Im terrified that one day I'll lose it too. You were so damn important, you made things so much better. Nothing feels right anymore, nothing has been right since you died. I miss you more than I could ever have imagined.

I love you Gabe.

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