Insulted by stranger - Help!!


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Don't let it get to you at all. The girl was probably drunk out of her head anyway. If anyone's the freak it'd be her for saying such a thing. This is part of the reason i hate alcohol (not taste-wise) but because it turns everyone into emotionless, disrespectful idiots. It's pathetic watching my friends get drunk when i'm sober.


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Woah, that's outrageous. But I agree with JamieD -- f her. There are always bumbling idiots around that'll act moronically. She's the loser for saying something like that. People who act like that are not worth a second (or even a first!) glance.

This sort of thing has happened to me before and I think I can sympathize a bit. It's always 10x worse afterwards when playing it back in your mind than when it actually happened. I probably would have just shook my head disgustedly and left. So I think your response was fine. There's no point in making something big out of it when she's an undeniable imbecile. Not worth giving such a person the effort.


People who go out of their way to hurt and insult you can't possibly be happy with their own lives. So they'll hurt you to make themselves feel less like losers. Anyone of us could have probably gotten the same treatment from her, you just probably stood out the most. So take some comfort in knowing that.


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Seems weird that you got so much hate on that day.

I agree that it was probably the alcohol affecting their words, so don't worry too much.

I THINK I'd have said "I'm not disrespecting you, so don't disrespect me". Try to keep your cool, but it's hard to ignore such bull**** from SOME people sometimes.

Keep in mind that it was just two people, so don't let these two freaks psychologically kick your ass.

In fact, I think you're brave for going on your own. I think that the more you go on your own, the more socially savvy you'll get and the less you'll get these weird remarks from assh0les.

Good luck, and thanks for encouraging to go out on my own more.
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Oh and you can also try working out a bit if you're a bit out of shape. It does help overcome image issues.
Someone remind me again, why men can't hit women without suffering severe consequences. I mean clearly some bitches are asking for a whoop ass.


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The funny thing about insults is that if you can hit back within 5 seconds and walk away she'd be the one who would feel like **** for a long time, or probably call her 'guys' on you. Not that this makes it any easier to deal with but just think of it as just a game people play and you don't have to play, has nothing to do with you, glad i'm able to realize that the older I get, and i'm glad you walked away.


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I'm sorry that happened to you :). She was probably in a bad mood & had had a bad night & was taking it out on you. I've had it happen to me numerous times. I always take it too personally & it always upsets me for ages afterward. Nothing she said was true & she probably doesn't even remember saying it now. You should try to realize that nothing she said was about you, but about her. She's probably incredibly insecure with herself & felt she needed to belittle someone to make herself feel better, & you just happened to be there. What is a huge deal to you was nothing to her & I'm sure she probably said horrible things to a bunch of other people, too. People like her are like that.
This right here is why I hardly ever leave the safety of my room: Undeserved verbal attacks by people who have inflated egos. It's my personal opinion that they are so pleased and "in the moment" with the way things are going in their life that they feel that they are above people who do not meet their standards (whether it be their social circle or their skewed sense of what's attractive in a person).

I just want you to know, even though I don't know you personally, from what I've read; you are kind, friendly, and treat people with respect. That doesn't sound anything like a loser to me.
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Hey, that stupid bimbo is the freak not you! She obviously had issues of her own....And serious issues! It's stupid people like that who cause us social phobes to be the way we are....But now i am determined to not let what people say bother me.

I give you credit for being brave and going out on your own, not a lot of people (even non anxious) could do that.


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Well the girl was clearly a freak herself, if her life is so bad that the only way she can deal with it is to try to ruin someone else's night she really should be pitied. And your response was brilliant, she was trying to get a reaction and she failed, another reason to pity the poor sad cow :D

And the barman telling you you should be able to get in, but he had been refused entry for being too pretty is actually a compliment... he said you looked good.

Going out on your own is really brave too, I hid indoors and was in bed by half 11.
I know where you're coming from, but you have to stop thinking that way. You're not a mind reader, and you can't act like you know what people think of you. You'll just end up driving yourself crazy.

I recently had an experience at a movie theater where a man and his wife made fun of my weight. At first, I hated myself and I thought that EVERYONE felt the same way.. but then I remembered that.. if it wasn't me there, they probably would of made fun of the person in my place. People like that, like the two girls you ran into, they don't care if you're fat, skinny, tall, short.. They will find something wrong with you and they will poke fun at it. Remember that, and you will see how full of bull**** they really are.