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  • sorry nopark, i just saw your message because i didn't have internet connection for the last 12 days. i can't say i'm fine, i feel like a vegetable it's horrible.. i hope you are doing well.
    yeah software engineering is the course i'm studying, not web dev. it's just one of the optional modules next year is web dev. it does cover quite a lot (HTML, JS, AJAX, PHP, ASP, MySQL, Oracle etc.)

    the thing is, most software engineering courses (including mine) revolve heavily around desktop programming, and only briefly touches web-based scripting languages. i would've thought having the additional web dev experience on my CV would make me a better candidate over others if i were applying for a website-related job.

    yeah, some free webspace would be great, if it's not too much effort. i've just spent 30 mins trying to re-activate my freehostia account (it keeps telling me it expired Jan 2011 :rolleyes:).
    Yep, so true. i don't really have the imagination to think of a good design myself. when i have no other choice, i just go look at other websites and steal their ideas ::p:. is the web developing industry good money? my course at uni has a module for web development. i thought doing that would leave an extra window open if i don't enjoy doing what i plan on doing atm (software dev).

    oh btw, do you happen to know of any free web hosting websites (with php, mysql, phpmyadmin)? i found an old website i made last year and i want to show it to someone. all the popular ones (like freehostia) are really slow and crappy.
    Thank you, I was thinking i should do more... I might be a hypocrite, seeing how i was all, "MY LAST PAINTING" on my last one... :T
    nope, i dont have a website! i used to have a few, but they were just little fan sites for games i played. my friend used to do the design of the website, and i did the backend stuff, like javascript, php, databases etc. do you make websites professionally or just as a hobby?
    Thanks for "friending" me, or whatever it's called :p I'm still new to the site so I didn't even know I could do that :)
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