If you cannot leave your house, how is everyone supporting themselves??

I was just curious...those of us who may be severe enough that we cannot even hold a job outside the house...how does everyone financially get by? I know quite a few write they can get to work and that's it and back home again, but I know many cannot hold a job. I am one of them.
What does everyone do to get by when they cannot hold an outside job?


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Same here. Family helps me but I feel so ashamed. Feels like I'm freeloading. I try to "repay" them by washing dishes, stocking groceries, vaccumming, cooking, and trying not to make a mess of the house.


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Im so bad right now im strugling being outside however if I dont work I have no money, but I work dealing with people all day and at times I have panic attacks after dealing with customers and have to fight it out withmy brain before I can continue lol
Family that I live with helps me...but I also used to have two jobs I did online, now just one. At this point I can go to certain places from time to time. I'm going through another bad patch though, so that may worsen soon.


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I was lucky (or so I thought) found a project management job that is full time from home. I do have to leave once a month for a lunch meeting with my boss. It takes me days/weeks to prepare for those couple hours ugh.
Im the same way...if I have to face someone in person...I have to prepare for it ten times longer than it takes me to actually have the experience...at least lately. I recently had a falling out with a friend that really plummetted me back into the depths of my social anxiety, depression then manic phases, and anxiety and agoraphobic behavior.
I'm on SSDI, I have days where manage to get myself out of the house. If I'm having trouble I try and go with someone. If it's really bad and I need something I'm lucky enough to live in a area where I can get my groceries or whatever else I need delivered.
When i was in that 'position' that i could not leave my house. Right after i got hugely social phobic, I got a payment insurance, so I could save money. Because I didn't go outside my house, I was saving money so I could easily pay my bills. But now I finally got out of street fear (yeah really had it, terrible, only because of anxiety how I came across and how fearful i was of ppl judging me) and generalized anxiety not to forget, i am now finally out of that position, went to school again now, and stuff, I pay too much stuff, I buy stuff , still feel terrible in stores, but I atleast don't need to walk away from it , like people had to drag me in the stores without panicing.. Now I am stronger.

But to your question: I had a payment, yeah holland has that sort of thing
The state gives me money every month (about 2100 dollars) that covers my bills and food. But hopefully I will get better someday so I can get myself a job :)


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At the mo I am 24 yr old living with my mum I don't get out much many a handful of times a yr I have been cut off so all the money I used to have has now gone down to state handouts yeah I know feel bad feels like everyone is judging me as yeah I have two arms two legs two eyes feels like everyone is staring at me as yes I can bend down and walk but it all depends on situation at home I'm good outside I lose it I feel everyone hates me for being on state handouts if it wasn't for the state and my mum think I would have left this world a long time ago as there is no one else out there for me I'm alone and house bound with shit all money and confidence to my name I can't even get the balls to walk 100ish yards to the postbox down the end of my street I am truly a mess I'm stuck here alone and can't even go for a walk not like there's a meaning at the end of it like going to the shops ect I mean just go to the park and back again for just a walk can't even do that


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The state gives me money every month (about 2100 dollars) that covers my bills and food. But hopefully I will get better someday so I can get myself a job :)
Awww gotta love Norway how come the rest of the taxpapers don't moan about you getting so much or is that from the state oil fund how it should be the wealth of the country for the people not to a group of fat cats

Sadly here in the uk its shit all they send £6,000 on a bottle of wine to smash into a ship and I get half that in a whole yr and theres a hunt out on our heads trying to kick us all off soldiers coming home from war with a arm and a leg missing are getting kicked off state money to I am pissing myself just sent my form back in the other day so I am shaking like shit as well with clothes food ect ect it all adds up and people just see me as scum uk companys don't pay any tax if vodafone paid up in one yr alone that would pay for the state sick handouts just from them but they don't pay any tax what so ever so they don't go after them they go after people like me ill in the head that can't cope with being outside around people or with stress and they drag me into meeting and medicals like I'm some lap rat and well I know its coming there gonna kick me off I have nothing no money no confidence **** all clothes as I lost a lot of weight and then what now what I'm stuffed nothing I can do is there really


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My parents support me. I can leave the house but I'm very nervous doing so. I'm afraid of embarassing myself in public with the clothes and shoes that I wear and my hairstyle. I only have maybe 3 shirts that actually look good on me. The rest either have holes, are too tight or transparent, are too wide and baggy, or have stains. I also have only 2 sweaters that look good on me. I don't have any suits or formal wear. Sometimes I borrow my mom's clothes to wear because some of them look good on me. I haven't gone shopping in a long time. I was so busy saving money that I was afraid of spending it on clothes and shoes. Even for my haircut, my mom cuts my hair. I just let myself go for the past few years. Many times in the past, I get weird looks from people who comment negatively on my appearance, then I feel so bad afterwards. Now I know why. If I had better clothes and a better haircut, I might actually have more confidence and be able to stand taller. I can't believe I also let my mom shop for me. She buys me clothes that look horrible on me. I wear most of them at home, don't dare wear them in public.

Anyways, I asked my mom to stop buying me clothes because she doesn't know my size. I will shop for myself, and I'm hoping I had someone who's fashion saavy come along.


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I can leave home more now than I used to be able to, but still not enough for a job and social anxiety is also something I struggle with. Until June of 2012, I and my mother were both living off her small income, but since June of 2012, I have been getting SSI, which is a government check for disabled people who can't work for whatever reason. I'm not able to work and haven't been up to this point, but I'm getting better, so I have hope for the future.
I've applied for SSI too but haven't found out yet if I'll get it. Right now my parents are supporting me and that just makes me feel really guilty and depressed. I've had a couple of jobs outside the house but I always end up having a breakdown and quitting. I really want to work but I just worry about if I will be able to handle it and not breakdown again.