I was such a bizarre child


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Now I'm in my twenties, and I know myself very well, I'm relatively normal. But as a kid, growing up in an isolated environment, with very unemotional, odd parents...I was a very weird creature indeed. It scares me just to think what I was like back then!

- I stole another kids toys and I watched him and his parents search high and low for them, and didn't say a word.
- I used to walk past people in the hope they would talk to me.
- I used to hide in the loo at school during break time !
- I was worried I'd get picked on for wearing glasses, so I didn't wear them and walked around really short-sighted, I'm surprised I didn't walk into to anyone!
- I never knew the basics or structure of conversation. I just used to say hi and never knew what to say next. I tried to impress people by repeating what they said out of context, or doing exceptionally lame magic tricks, or playing the music I liked, thinking that would make them magically like me.
- I spent my life playing video games, the notion of 'going outside' felt alien and threatening
- If I felt comfortable around someone, I would make funny and annoying noises.
- My pastimes including rating out of 10 every film I'd ever seen, thinking about new computer games in my head and collecting lego catalogues

Anyone else dare admit how different they were when they were a kid?
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Me toooooo! Okay I didn't finish reading your post yet but I will. Lol but yeah, I just saw the title and thought, "Yup". I was a strange child too.
I was very different.

- I made friends with my teachers, not my classmates.
- I had no real friends.
- I ate pretty much constantly, while watching tv or playing a videogame at the same time.
- I cried over life with my cat (As in, my cat was my shoulder to cry on.).
- I got creeped out by the song "Mrs. Robinson" because it was my teacher's name.

...There's probably more but I can't remember.


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Yes from what I can remember I was a bit bizarre.

I would pick up small stones off the floor crush them with me teeth and eat them.
I had a thing for ripping up news papers and eating them.
I hardly ever spoke all I would say was hello, goodbye just the basics thats all I know what to do and it hasn't changed I'm still like it now.
Are we talking really young? Like 1st through 3rd grade. I used to torture cats and kill turtles for fun. I liked to watch things suffer.
I'm completely opposite of that now, I love animals with a passion. But thought it was strange I used to be that way.

Even back then I was an outcast though. I would hide behind a big... I dont what you call it.. like a board, where my babysitter had a garden and no one could see me. I would go back there and just sit by myself and smell the flowers.
Mostly, I just did my own thing. I played with the other kids some, but they didn't seem to want to play with me.

Let's see what else. Oh yeah of course. I used to be a pyro and almost burned down my grandparents house (I was maybe 6 I wanna say) another time me and a friend found an abandon house and played with torches in there, until it accidentally caught on fire.
A lot of what you said I relate to though. Especially about hoping people will notice you.
Nope, pretty much just always been a loner since the day I was born.
Yes from what I can remember I was a bit bizarre.

I would pick up small stones off the floor crush them with me teeth and eat them.
I had a thing for ripping up news papers and eating them.
I hardly ever spoke all I would say was hello, goodbye just the basics thats all I know what to do and it hasn't changed I'm still like it now.
Do you still eat rocks and paper?


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You know, I have to say I wasn't really all that strange growing up as a child. I'd say I'm even more bizarre now than I was back then.


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I was quite hyperactive and eccentric.

Ugh, if only reality was like it is in cartoons and stuff, where the hyperactive/eccentric comedy relief character still gets/has friends. Everyone just rejected me because I was happy a lot of the time.

Meh, since I'm prone to severe depression nowadays, guess they got what they wanted.
This is really important to me, although only loosely linked, and not bizarre, because I was the other way round.

Your bizarreness was fine! Your progress was perfect.

As a kid at school, I followed all instructions from teachers, due to a deep amount of respect to those who taught me things which I didn't know.

I noticed a lot of people - infant school, then junior and then at secondary school, who had a strong attitude towards breaking rank, and getting detention...

I always did the opposite, but I quite liked the way the naughty people behaved. There's more to just being naughty... it's about having a voice and going against the grain, and thinking different...

All the way through school, A-levels and Bachelor's Degree, I followed suit. Once I headed for real work and desperate to make a good earning, I flipped completely, and have never been able to accept the way things are, where a company / business and the boss at interview or during employment would command me to do what they say, and how any action against the rules would result in absolute failure.

I have become an ultimate fighter, rioter, aggressive (NOT physical) for all rational, logical and mostly utmost lawful, but generally very much against the laws we have to adhere to. I have spent years in jail. My main goal in life is to be a successful engineer, producing meaningful results for the good for all. Everything has collapsed.

I've never hurt a single organism on this planet, or stolen their possessions. In general, I follow the basics of religious direction towards people, although I am strongly atheist. The law we have is unbelievably convoluted and complex, stemming from physical harm to people, or taking their possessions.

Having too many people is the root of all trouble on Earth.
I know I was weird as a kid too. I don't know exactly how to pinpoint it but I sort of always lived in my own bubble and never really coexisted with my "friends". Could be because I was always too distracted by my OCD and other anxiety issues.
-Only two friends my entire childhood.
-Obsessed with video games, my life revolved around them, I'd never "play outside" unless it involved acting out a role in the current video game I was enamored with.
-Stopped speaking in school all-together around 6th grade.
-I'd invent scenarios in my mind involving my favorite video game and movie characters. ALL the time.
-I'd make lots of weird noises to myself.
-Constantly played tricks on my parents like locking my dad outside the house. >_>

At 20 now, I'm not much better. I have zero friends in real life.


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I was a weird child in the nineties and I consider myself a weird child now. I:
- Sat alone on the front yard and talked to the bees (they were my "friends")
- Used to punch and hit my older siblings until I was about six
- I only talked to family and almost never talked in school (4th grade was the only exception)
- My brothers introduced me to video games at birth and to D&D at age 8 thus killing any chance I may have had to be normal
- there was a brief period in third grade when I named my hands Bob and Bill and had them act out skits...

Now I'm almost 21 and I desperately want to forget most of my childhood (especially third grade).


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My childhood was spent playing video games and more video games. I hardly call that strange at all anymore though.

I was a shy, quiet kid for the most part. Didn't feel like I fit in with my age group. Rarely ever got into trouble. Got straight A's. Wasn't always the brightest though - I recall prank calling 911. Did steal a few things. But yeah, most of my time was spent sitting in front of a TV or computer. While I was harmless in the real world, I was quite the griever online. I'd spend hours just trying to **** with other gamers. I enjoyed it way more than I should have, so that was pretty bizarre I suppose.

I remember being interested in girls at a very young age. Trying to watch illegal, blurred out channels and all that. :D


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Seems gaming is a common thread.

I didn't really go to school for a few years after sixth grade and just played games all day. Luckily somehow skipping a few years didn't hurt me in school when I went back.