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  • Yeah that would be cool. Do you go for concerts much by any chance? And yeah thats ok, I wouldnt want anyone to know I'm on here either. I think its key for us to set up a support group to really get forward, even though I've never been to one, just heard about them.
    Thats alright, you can PM me your facebook or something if you want, we could talk on there.
    Sorry, I've only just seen your message. And absolutely, things like therapy and treatment should be used as a last resort. I'll be back in the UAE in about 3 weeks, so we'll do it then. I dont think people are really aware about it, but I've got talking to someone from Abu Dhabi on the SAS forum.
    hey, I live in Abu Dhabi. If you're still around, maybe we could sort out a meetup for ppl in the UAE?
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