How sensitive is your OCD?

I got 100% too.
But I am a bit sceptical of the test though, as most of the people down in the comments section also got 100%. :thinking:


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Also got 100%. It was more of a test on how observant you are. I would believe that people with OCD are very likely to spot inconsistencies (because they are bothered by them), but noticing them doesn't necessarily mean you have OCD. FWIW, apparently introverts are more likely to notice little details than extroverts.

Now that being said...There were a few questions where it wasn't immediately obvious (or I wasn't quite sure) which one was different. So I actually got out the snipping tool and starting making a box to see if something didn't line up.:giggle:

Nothing's official, but I've suspected I have OCD for years. And it's for other reasons besides just being a perfectionist.