How do you dress, what do you wear most of the time?


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Don't worry this ain't a huge dribble post I usually erupt into lol

Im just interested in what others here wear as I know social phobia can interfere with our perception of ourselves at times and that can show in how we present ourselves.

I usually wear just casual clothes. At the moment its cold and I wear woolen jumpers and leggings and a thin fashionable rainjacket.
Black t-shirt - usually something music related. Dark blue or black tracksuit trousers, and a pair of sports shoes. Which are usually royal blue or just plain black. And, depending on the weather, I'll wear, either, a flat-cap hat/bonnet or beanie hat.


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I usually wear plain/casual long blue jeans, long or short sleeved shirts, and a pair of black sneakers. I absolutely hate wearing skirts/dresses/high heels. Everytime I wear them, i just feel... awkward? I guess I just don't like wearing outfits that expose a lot of skin like my cleavage, my thighs, my back, my stomach,(not trying to sound sexual here) ect. I've always felt more comfortable in laid back clothing.


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For work, I usually wear khakis or slacks with a short sleeved, button down shirt (no tie), not tucked in. We have a casual environment at my office and this is how most of us dress. At home, I usually wear shorts and a polo shirt since the climate is warm year around. If it gets a little chilly, I'll wear jeans. I almost always wear tasteful sandals (the kind that cover your entire foot) when I'm out and about on the weekend.
Jeans, preferably ripped, Converse, and vests/camisoles/t shirts. I favour red, black, and polka dot and floral patterns.

Nothing fancy, but I've never used clothes to hide. If anything, I try to wear something "nice."
Dark grey or dark blue t-shirts mostly with a dark blue sweater/jumper if it's a bit cold with a simple jeans or cargo shorts when it's warm. I have a few Nike shoes that I like to wear, I used to wear Timberland boots but the one I have now got old and I don't feel like spending money on a new one yet. I also have a black Nike cap that I use when my hair is messy. I have 3 watches also that I like to wear. Most of my clothes are dark, I don't like to wear bright colored clothes much.