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Pokemon BDSP is out and I have to say I think I'm relieved I didn't end up pre-ordering it after all. I'm very disappointed to learn that there is zero Platinum content in these games and it's literally an exact copy of Diamond and Pearl, just updated for Switch. I mean, I guess there are some changes, but not too much from what I've read. Therefore not worth the brand new game price tag, imo. I bet you that they'll eventually release Platinum content as an add-on paid DLC by next year. :rolleyes: But being a Pokemon fan, if they did do this I'd buy it. Because Platinum is my second most favorite game in the series.

I'll eventually get this game, but not right away like I was planning. I'm gonna wait for the price to drop some before jumping on board. Besides Legends Arceus is right around the corner with only two more months to go. :)