First Impression of me (photo)


Ok so I thought I would copy someone elses thread as I was curious to know what your first impressions of me are...ppl mistake me for aloof and snobbish but little do they know!! :-(


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You're obviously very pretty, but judging on first impression alone, probably not someone I'd thinnnnnnk I'd have a lot in common with. Whether we do or not, I don't know.

Just G

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Here ya go, missjesss...

Totally smokin', by the way. ;)
*makes the sound of a wild cat*

Grrrr baby, grrrrr!

Likin' the leopard printed dress or whatever the dead cat is, lol. Not too many girls can pull off wearing that type of dress, but you do it and do it well.

Even though you come across as sweet and innocent on the forums, I'm sure you've got the life of the party inside you somewhere. ;)