Ever type a post, then not post it?


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Does anyone ever type up a post or thread then never press the submit button?
I find myself doing this ALOT on this forum and others.

I think I might do it because I'm worried that I'm not typing the right words so I think that no one would understand me or get my point. Or that no one wants to here what I have to say. or I dont know...

Does anyone else do this?


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Me too. Sometimes I do it because I just don't feel happy with what I've typed, other times because I fear people will think negatively of me for whatever reason.


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yeah, a few times

one of them was so long that i decided to save it on my computer for some other time when i might need to post that ><
Yes, I've done it. Sometimes I just can't get things into the right words, then I end up deciding that it's not that important or worth posting anyway- or I think I'll come back to it later, which I rarely actually do.


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wow i thought i was the only one that did this! I've tried to make six topics or so but always back out at the last minute. But I've managed to post this! Yay!


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loads of times,i scrutinise everyting i write and post very little of what i was originnaly gonna say.its often that whatever i type just looks crazy when i read it back


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it's creepy because people are doing that to this thread as we speak... it's more a problem with starting a new thread, because there's always that wory that no one will reply


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No, my problem embarrasses me much more. I tend to post things first, and then want to remove my post AFTER it's already been publicized. I usually end up deleting posts or avoiding them until I feel braver to see if anyone's told me to quit whining and stfu lol.

Plus, all my posts are long. It's weird because my speech is usually so short that it's hard to converse but on forums, I say A LOT. I worry that they're so long people won't read them.

That's partly the reason why whenever I see a long post, I always read it from start to finish. I just think it's a nice gesture to let someone know you're paying attention to what they have to say when they're in distress


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Yes all the time, on forums and even in my blog which hardly anyone reads, I can be a defeated perfectionist. On this forum I don't want to come across whiny or ungrateful even though I often do have the urge to talk about my problems. It's easier making self-absorbed comments than pretending you have all the answers though. Self-disclosure's a good way to relate to people and show that they're not alone, so I would hypocritically encourage y'all to close your eyes tightly and smash your nose down onto the submit button.