drinkers and non drinkers.


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PEOPLE who spurn alcohol tend to be miserable social misfits, research suggests.

Teetotallers had significantly higher levels of depression and anxiety than moderate drinkers, a study found. They were also likely to lack social skills, it was claimed.

Abstainers suffered even more mental problems than the heaviest drinkers who consumed too much alcohol.

The happiest folk were those who averaged two glasses of wine, a bottle of beer, or a shot of spirits a week, the British and Norwegian scientists discovered.

One reason why non-drinkers were more gloomy could be that they have few friends, the study suggests.

"We see that this group is less socially well-adjusted than other groups," said research leader Dr Eystein Stordal, from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Even when participants who quit drinking because of problems with alcohol were excluded, the link between abstinence and depression remained.

found this on another forum so decided to share with all you.While we all know that alcohol isnt good but everything here seems true,and i guess many have tried it and felt more social when they had few drinks.So it this the gap which are many adults are missing in they life here,i know theres plenty of activities,and many people who rather do something else instead of going out and getting drunk, so whats your oppinion about this ??


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I always knew moderate alcohol was the way to go. I have 1-2 glasses of red wine in the evening and it really helps me stay calm at the end of the day. Plus, red wine (in moderation) is good for the heart and apparently lowers the risk of cancer.


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I've got nothing again drinking in moderation. I like to have a drink (usually less than a pint) in the evenings after I finish my work, because it helps me to wind down. I don't see anything wrong with that, personally. I tend to stay clear of illegal drugs though - I guess it's the way I've been brought up.


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I think you can be just as happy of a person without alcohol... If alcohol never existed I don't think the number of depressed or mentally ill people would increase. That being said, I am one of those people who doesn't enjoy alcohol... although for some odd reason last night I was craving alcohol so I drank like a have glass cup of crown royal in like 30 seconds and on an empty stomache (honestly I never drink... I 've only drank like 3 other times in my life!)... I felt good at the time but slept horribly. I regret doing it :( Also I hate drinking because getting drunk with people around would make me feel very vulnerable and I'm afraid I would say something I would most likely regret lol.


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yeah most of the time i regret the next day after drinking,because you tend to be more open :) but it always is a good night whenever i do go out,and by the end of the night im usually the most social person ever ,and its an ice breaker at work telling people about your weekend adventures :D


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I don't really drink that much. But when I do, I go overboard... pretty much to the point that I have no recallection of what happened the night before. I don't really think much of it though, it's really fun to do every once in a while.

But it's purely a social thing, I don't use alcohol as a way of escaping from reality, if I did, I fear I'd become dependant on it. I've seen it growing up, my dad was (is still?) an alcoholic. I do everything I can to prevent myself from being the same.
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Even when I drink 1-3 times a week I still feel depressed. The only thing alcohol does is make me more sociable when around people. But it doesn't make me feel any better, and the buzz goes down after a few hours of my last drink. The only good thing that can happen when I'm drinking is me meeting someone whether it be a guy or girl only because I am more social when drinking.


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I normally just drink casually when I go out. Never really overboard like I did a few years ago when I'd get drunk. It just doesn't appeal to me anymore to drink more than I should. Normally 2-3 drinks at most when I go out. Especially if I'm driving, I never want to take the risk of getting a DUI. That is never worth it. You can kill yourself or someone else. And at the very least go through a whole mess that's not worth it.

When I'm not driving, I normally have a little more, but still, its just enough to get a buzz and not much more.


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Where did you get this? Because its lies. Alcohol is a depressant. Stuff like this shouldnt be on forums like these. People dont need more ideas than they already have.

Saying people who spurn alcohol are miserable social misfits is ridiculous. That right there should of told you this claim is bullshit.

I agree, it's lame and judgemental to suggest that a teetotal person lives a miserable existence, i mean they probably live happier lives than a slave to alcohol!


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I think in this context though they are talking about social drinking it seems to me. I tend to drink more when I got out...when i go out...im with friends.

Therefore those who drink a bit more are probably doing so because they are going out and being influenced by others. Its a pretty rubbish study but i think they are trying to say is your more likely to drink with friends therefore those people are more social and happier.

I dont think they are actually saying alcohol makes you happy. Its just that its generally considered a social activity and social activity tends to make people "happier"

I don't necessarily agree...thats just my interpretation. It seems pretty irresponsible though, as it could send people to drink to make them happier, which would be terrible.


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Uhm. No.

I'm a proud non-drinker, and I'm not more worse off than the raging alcoholics. Hell, I think my blood has so much alcohol in it because of family history that I just know that if I even go anywhere near the piss that is alcohol I'll be f*cked for life. I must also add that I have a very addictive personality (again, family history), and lately I've been noticing that I already have the attitude of an alcoholic and I don't even drink!


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Complete nonsense. It would say more about the structure of society, than about those who abstain from alcohol, should it be true.

One reason why non-drinkers were more gloomy could be that they have few friends, the study suggests.
If drinking alcohol is a necessity for friendship, or successful social interactions, our civilization is not going to last. By the way, since when does the number of friends an individual has decide about his/her happiness or contentedness with life? The more the better? I doubt that.

There's nothing wrong with a drink planning on you don't drive.
There is something wrong with it, if you need it to be able to do something. If you drink twice a year, in solitude, because you, say, like the taste of the beverage, there is not much wrong with it, I agree - but if you do it in the context of social drinking, it's most questionable.

Alcohol is a human invention. It cannot be 'the way to go', since it ought not be needed. The sole fact that most appear to need it for natural activities says that there is something wrong with our society.
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If drinking alcohol is a necessity for friendship, or successful social interactions, our civilization is not going to last. By the way, since when does the number of friends an individual has decide about his/her happiness or contentedness with life? The more the better? I doubt that.
It is not that alcohol is a necessity for friendship...its that in many instances it is a by product of it. Many evening social activities have drink involved therefore you may find yourself in situations where your mates are drinking....not because this is how you keep a friendship but because its an activity people do with friends. It is not about the alcohol aspect...its the socialising aspect.

and ...with the second part....don't most people want friends? Its not the more friends the happier you..its that GOOD friends do make me happy
I don´t drink because I don´t feel the need and don´t like it! I don´t despise alcohol and think moderate drinking is OK but I just don´t like it personaly, so don´t see any reason why I should push myself into it. In order to make people happy? And yes I am a miserable social misfit, that´s true :). Or better - some different, alienated species of people.