Do you keep your curtains closed all day plus night

:eek: The thought of having my curtains open makes me really anxious and agitated.

Anyone else have this problem if so what does it make you feel like, i will go into more details when others have replied so i can compare x::p:
I used to when I was first ill.I find as much as it reduced my anxiety at the made me a little more depressed to shut out the daylight.I use to open them just a little bit at first,enough to let some light In.Then open them a little more each day to try and get used to it.

Though my window was really big in my old flat and it looked right out onto the pavement.It made me feel so self concious because people would stare in as they walked past and I felt like a goldfish ::p: Net curtains help also.


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I love having the shades/curtains/blinds open, because I like to see outdoors and let the sunlight in.

But I also get very anxious about people being able to see into my house and see what i'm doing - even if I'm not doing a thing.

I'm lucky that the place I moved into in May is surrounded by trees - gives me a little privacy.

But now all the leaves are falling off, and I have no curtains or blinds on my front windows - yikes!


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Mine are always closed. Partly for fear of being seen and partly because the room just looks nicer with them closed. They're blue. I like blue.
I dont like to be reminded of the idiots that live on my street that cause me anxiety , this one person that walks past ( he acts like a thug, whistels and shouts and throws stones and spits when he walks) when i see him , he makes my blood boil and my anxiety hit the roof, i hate living like this, i try to love him as jesus would, but i am not ready to open my curtains yet ::p:

Another reason is people seeing in, knowing im home, so if they knock my door i cant hide and pretend im out :eek:

From experience at ignoring the door knocking, and having curtains open....they have a habit of coming upto the window and looking through the net curtain with there fat faces pressed up the window pane , stretching there neck and squinting there eyes to try and see any signs of life and then begin to bang the window

I HATE IT WHEN THEY DO THAT STUFF....what gives them the right????
I would never do that to someone else


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I never have my curtains open. They're shut 24/7. I love the dim lighting when it daytime and they're shut, and love the darkness when its night and they're shut.
Makes me feel really comfy and safe when they're shut. When they're open i feel like the world is watching me and i cant stand it.
So yeah, i can totally relate to you 'Jesushelpme'


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Yes, I do. I think that most people keep their curtains closed. My parents and my grandmother instilled this habit in me while I was growing up. Plus, I normally walk around my home in minimal clothing and I don't want people across the street staring in.
I caught some young boys in their balcony, watching me while I work out and that just feels creepy. I don't need a bunch of prepubescent boys watching me bend over as I stretch or do yoga.
I keep mine closed as well. You just about have to when you live in a condominium or apartment complex and have SA. People are just too nosy and invasive in these kinds of arrangements.


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Yes I do.

However my wife often opens them for the sake of the plants. "I say its me or the plants". I usually lose to them.
Most of the time. My view isn't all that nice, the sun doesn't reach my window, and on top of that the window covers my whole wall. The curtain works as some sort of heat isolation. There are not much pro's to opening the curtain. It only makes it boring, gray and cold.

Though, if I were to have a little sun once in a while, I'd gladly open it. It's not really linked to social phobia in my case. :3
Outside my Window

Yeah, all the time. It's not because I don't want people to look in or anything. You really can't see anything from outside anyways. I just hate sunlight, so I have to have them closed or it's way too bright. I have dumb white curtains though, and they are really lame. I want dark ones.
O yeah. I have my curtains closed so many times. Even on daylight.
Stupid but true. But when someone comes to my place, I leave them open, because I don't wanna look like a hermit..
Although i guess my neighbourhood already thinks so..
yayy *sarcasm*
Yeah I definitely prefer the curtains closed. I feel really exposed when they're open, even if I'm just watching TV, reading or surfing the web. Even if I know the window faces out onto a private space, and there's no chance of anyone being able to look in, I still feel uncomfortable.