Do you believe you will overcome social anxiety?

Do you believe you will overcome social anxiety?

  • Yes

    Votes: 38 48.1%
  • No

    Votes: 41 51.9%

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Well I belive I will never be rid of it. But I do belive I can better manage it to the point it has the most minimal effect on my life. In that sense I guess I do belive I can "overcome" it.


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I believe that I'll always be agoraphobic.
Hopefully sometime soon I'll be able to function properly again but it won't ever go away completely. It's always been there for whatever reason.


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I feel yes I am little by little defeating it. Ive gone through so many sessions of Neurofeedback to erase Add and not to be so jittery and nervous. I am up to appointment 19 with that and doing better. I'm able to go to a karaoke bar now and sing songs by my beloved band the CARS and more without the stage fright. My biggest thing is talking to women now.


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I am not sure if this is the "right" mentality to have, but I have accepted that my social phobia will always be there and is something that I need to learn to live with. I firmly believe that I can and will minimize the severity of my social phobia however, so that I can adapt to and be comfortable within any social situation.

EDIT: I just noticed that other people have mentioned something similar to what I have, so it pleases me to know that I'm not entirely insane for feeling that approach is the most appropriate. :p
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I have more or less overcome it. That being said, I suffer from the aftermath of the social anxiety (a limited social circle, for instance).

I still have plenty of issues related to my Asperger's syndrome that I need to work on, though...


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I voted no...


I have gotten much better over the past couple years and will continue to improve. I'll probably always have to deal with it to some extent though.


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I honestly dont know... I feel like it's apart of me now. Though, life without it does sound a little sweeter. I'm not sure if I could over overcome it. Cope with it better though? Maybe. Perhaps. Possibly. I'm not sure.


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It will probably never be gone completely. But I really hope that it will get better at least. It's very hard to try to make a difference though :(


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I believe at some point (hopefully in the next few years) I will be able to function at the level I want to. I will probably always be somewhat reserved, and may have anxiety in certain situations, but I have made a lot of progress over the past decade, and I am sure that (especially if I start therapy again) I can learn to be what I consider "normal".

That said, I also think when I get to this point, I will have a lot of regret about not dealing with this issue sooner. Considering when I did ask for help (from my mom, 11 years ago), I was shut down, and I had to seek out guidance on my own--which I didn't do for another 5 years, I think I've done pretty well.

My bf struggled with anxiety when he was younger (I had not met him yet) and now he is the most well-adjusted person I know. He's like my personal cheerleader/motivational speaker. My goal is to be like him when I grow up.:D
Every day is completely different

I overcomplicate things. I see my family as people with a big wide smile on there face, and laughing, all the time, and have never a single problem, ever since birth. Everything is perfect.

For me, there's too much to it. Sleep is the most important; it's not that I don't get enough in general, but from one day to the next, it's not the same. There is just so much to go right or wrong.

I'm determined to make life better. After hitting an all-time high, there will be worse to follow...


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No bc ive had sa All my life..i am in my 30s and ive had it since i was like 5....ive tried meds seen many therapist psychs tried cbt..but nothing and im still struggling


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I used to always think that at some point in time I'd be able to find friends and at least have successful career. Unfortunately, I have neither of these things and probably never will. I think the biggest problem I had growing up, was that I relied so much on tv shows/movies that I didn't even realize they were giving me false ideas and unrealistic standards. It's mostly the reason why I decided to stop watching TV/Movies altogether.


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Btw does agoraphobia come from SA as well?
SA is fear related to any social situation. agoraphobia is involving not getting out of your house. if your SA is to the point that you do not get out of your house then I'd just say you have SA and forget about the agoraphobia.