Convoluted days of perplexing mysteriousness?!?!?

(TOO LONG) HAHA no... The worst day ever, not that either. Just a really bizarro' weirdo horrible day, that is a day, and always will be a day in the day of days. FIRST OF ALL - HI!!!!!!!!! I hate you all. Oh my god. I'm also a BITCH. I'm so sorry. I apologize so much. I love you. Like this isn't psychedelicious, I swear to god or something like that, it's some alter ego thing posting this, because it's about "myself" and the last thing I, or whoever is writing this would ever do is write a blog about their life. How like nevermind. OKAY, enough weirdness, sorry, I am totally gonna delete this and be like woahh. Alligators.

I've been having not a very good time at home lately. It's been weird, I haven't been wanting to be there at all. I really want to drive and stuff, my mom won't let me. The other night I was out walking at two am, in the street crunching leaves, and some police was bored and stopped me I guess. Asked me if I was drunk like 5 times, said no, and called to get picked up. It was embarrassing. I have had the weirdest week ever. Oh my god help strangers that hate me! I just wanting to get away and when going for a walk, I feel like I can't even do that, something stops me.

Okay, my day or whatever, started by me traditionally going to sleep at 11 pm. Since I am a professional pill swallower, feeler, and taker, or fuсking seemed to think I was, I took my two sleeping pills in the dark. Then I tried to go to sleep, and was feeling like not sleepy, it was very unusual. Well I didn't take sleep pills, I took too many of the wrong fuсking pills. I am such a moron, wow. It was so purely accidental too.

Since I was up doing homework all night because of my stupid mistake, WOW I'm dumb hahah, no for real. Well like I wrote a process essay, EW. Then I went to school. I couldn't find my cellphone, I was just really confused, Maybe it was the no sleep, or whatever but wow. I also feel like the chair is really high, and if I stepped of it it, it would be about a 6 feet drop, like maybe that's why I'm not movign it's so bizarre. Well alright so I went to school, and tried my veery very hardest to act like not a strange super weirdo freakazoid.

I started taking my test (what you do there) felt okay, then a sudden wave of like shaky unmanageable sickness hit, and I tried my very best to continue taking the test, but got through like 3 problems. I felt like I was going to throw up, like seriouslyyy. Well, and I did. At school! How awful! But like I had to run the the teacher and be like can I use the Restroom, because for some reason it has a KEY to it, ugh a blugh. I like threw up in my mouth a bit. Sorry this is the grossest thing ever lol, I hate describing it. then I just threw up, at school. It was horrible. I felt so weird. Was in there for like 30 minutes maybe makign sure I was okay.

But like I had my mom's cell phone, because I couldn't find mine, so when I was sick she had called my moms phone to pick me up and it rang there, so embarrassing. Horrible. Like so many tings going wrong. I felt like **** still, still so hhahaa, BITCH, NO. but like I wanted to finish it anyways, so I didn't have to take it later. I did eventually finish, with a vomit tasting mouth (so ew). I didn't tell anyone though. Ugh.

I finally eventually finished my stupid test, and had to write a 5 paragraph essay. I wrote 2 essays this morning. fun fun fun. But it took me like 3 hours to finish. Everyone around me was talking, and I wasn't to scream at them so I could concentrate. I was dizzy felt like I was spinning, and just felt so unlike I normally do, and in a really really really really really really reallly really bad way. STILL DO. That is why I am here, I hate this place, and being a psycho path harrasser in chat box right now. Such an embarrassing day, besides the feeling of beign constantly monitored by creeping eyes.

And today this girl was like "Are you always this quiet"
and I said "Yes"

People on here seem to hate that Question, It wans't that bad really, kind of weird, I think she was asking honestly. She actually seems really nice. Too bad I suck too much to talk. Oh wait, I can't shut the fuсk up....

What a lovely day of spinning, throwing up, and horrible school work. I love my life :DDDDDDDDD. I'm also in serious denial.


Please I hate writing about me, I feel so selfish, I know no one read this hahaa. Also so many errorss, ewww not thinking straighttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUt I WANNA HEAR about your weirdoness, like TOTAL WHACKED OUT WEIRDONESS days of weirdness where everything is like disoriented. That was my today. Like this is not me. I can't control anything, not that I can anyways. It's so freaking weird.

It's like I can walk straight, but the ground isn't straight, and I know how to walk, and I'm not actually tumbling all over, but it's severly slanted to an angle. Literally. Wow. SHUT up. Me. But please tell me about your weirdness too! I hope I don't come back for months, was just too desperate to annoy people.

And now I am seeing yellow blotches of purple colors. If anyone read this piece of NONSENSE I am SHOCKED.

Dogs are awesome.
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Ahhh, what a neat way to start a thread, weeding out the weak and elderly... since your story made their heads asplode by way of sensory overload...
I only made it through by way of my primitive and underdeveloped central nervous system, which was incapable of comprehending all of the shiny pink text. From what little I could understand, this was totally far out...

I used to always take my mom's cell phone to places since I had none of my own. Hers was covered with sparkly little flower stickers and pink smileys... so it was, like, incredible crustaceans. Still, nobody would or could understand how cool it was, so I tried to keep it concealed at all times.

As far as mined own weirdness goes... Some days ago I went to class and realized that everyone had decided to talk to me from many miles away, only faint echos ever reaching the ear. That wasn't too bothersome, actually fairly entertaining. Everyone's words came as if they were drunken intercontinental ballistic messages, bouncing off of each other and generally fooling about on their long journeys. I also realized that everything was way up above me.. I felt like I had to look up in order to see the ground... looking at the table in front of me was a lot like watching planes in the sky. However, being in art class, this distorted perception was perfectly acceptable and probably encouraged... damn art weirdos!

I 'skipped' the next class, though it was more like staggering dumbly past it. At this point it was like swimming underneath the tile flooring of the hallway, moving rhythmically like a jellyfish. Sooo, basically I ended up in a nearby park, stealing apples, laying down and waiting for someone... I don't know who. Then sleepy time, then I awoke, then things and stuffs or other tired and laid down again... midair and landed face-first. We waited and the blood finally came, trickling slowly, covering the bottom half of "Face"...

Naturally this lead to me stumbling back through the art building and scaring the shit out of everyone... oh the chuckles that we had. ("hu hu hu")

...home again, but some lawn maintenance technician guy kept looking at me suspiciously. I made absolutely sure that nobody followed my car home
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I feel that way a lot of the times. It's not as extreme as your case, but it's there all the time. I'm usually not very conscious of where I'm going and the things I've done. My mind is like always on semi-autopilot and I just let my instinct take me where ever. I can still function but I'm just not as aware and conscious as other people. Many hilarious acts of stupidity have resulted from this thing. it's one of the reasons my parents don't let me drive lol. And it's not like I can help it.


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wow I am really high riight now becuase I had an anxiety filled day and I wanna know what your on..
I once vomited in school.. but I got to the bathroom hahaah... everybody was putting their makeup on and s***.. and I'm like: I;m gonna puke" and everybody just ran.. and so I puked.. at least I was the center of attention for once in my life:p then I puked again:p
and dogs rule! I have to german shepards!