anyone rich and still lonley?


I'm going to have to emphatically say yes to this.

It's naive to think that money doesn't buy happiness-- it most certainly does. You can be healthier, you can have more experiences, you have the option to help others, you don't have to worry about retirement, you can pick and choose to do whatever you want to do in life.

The only downside is the fact that you can do whatever you want whenever you want means that nothing feels special. I guess you can intentionally deprive yourself or something but every time I see the mega-rich bouncing around from country to country doing amazing things all the time, I realize that it must be kind of horrible... they didn't have to give anything up or make any sacrifices to get there, and they don't have to wait or spend their time looking forward to it, and when they remember it it's just one of many things that they've done, so nothing really stands out.

I'm just guessing here, of course.

I would absolutely LOVE to be rich... not just for myself, but for what I would be able to do for other people, and how I would be able to promote my beliefs and influence society by spreading my wealth around.


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My ex was from a wealthy but very dysfunctional family. The saying that "Money doesn't buy happiness" unfortunately rang very true in her family.

Financially I'm in a good social and mental health fluctuates a little too much for my liking. Money can buy experiences, but only if the experiences seem to be worth pursuing.
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At the point i've now reached with life (habitually not doing anything at all), no amount of money can make my life any better. I still wouldn't allow myself to do things, or buy things. And i have no "need" for friends, male or female (due to having habitually shut almost all people out of my life). I guess where i'm at now, is a "place" where i'm coming face-to-face with the true realities of my life, and no amount of money can help with this, but only "spiritial work" will suffice. I am barely able to even escape temporarily now from my "troubles" now (which money used to be able to help with).

But who knows, if i manage to "get better", then i might regain my desire & use for money (that is, for something greater than just surviving on). If i regain my "dreams" for life, then money could most certainly help with achieving those. Otherwise, i really can't see the point of having "excessive" money now.


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I went to a private dyslexic school grow up having everything I ever wanted car driving lessons trips 3 bedroom house but I have been cut off cut out the ill I can see why sending me to school wasn't cheap but but I'm just a shy house bound freak show don't think money changed my life had more friends going out clubbing spending £350 in one night would go out with friends in cars and just take a long weekend away but now I don't seen any one some times up to 9months before i might bumb into one old friend the others not even seen so yeah people run away when you are cut off poor and house bound ****ers lol had loads of people fake like me when I was buying arounds and arounds or spending £80 on pizzas and buying a dvd to chill out to now I'm alone have no one in my life friends rships nothing all alone up in my room watching tv shows movies riding my exercise bike trying to lose weight might be another 9months before I see anyone


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money does NOT buy you happiness..every study that has been done on this topic has proved that an increase in wealth usually results in a temporary boost in happiness or contentment, but then after short time you revert back to your normal 'happiness' level..

having tons of money does not make you better able to connect or bond with others, or make you a better person or more able to socialize..
I am kind of rich(well my dad is :D) and I have no friends right now.....not ONE.I did have some friends before...but they were there for my money nothing else.


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I wouldn't say "rich", but I'm not hurting for money. Gainfully employed, reasonably intelligent and attractive, still lonely. Even in groups of friends I feel like an outsider, an alien. Fml.


money does NOT buy you happiness..every study that has been done on this topic has proved that an increase in wealth usually results in a temporary boost in happiness or contentment, but then after short time you revert back to your normal 'happiness' level..

having tons of money does not make you better able to connect or bond with others, or make you a better person or more able to socialize..

It might not make you better at socializing but it's so much easier to live without money worries than to live with them, and practically every rich person I've met who thinks that their happiness hasn't been bought is just taking things for granted.

Poverty= suffering... that's really all there is to it.


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I have seen miserable rich people and happy poor people. You can't buy happiness with possession. At some point you will reach diminishing return and your possession won't ever fill the void left in your soul. You can be lonely even if plenty of people are around you. So do not make the mistake to think loneliness is the same has solitude.

Yes Money can make life easier and more comfortable. You would be a fool to think otherwise. You don't have to worry about becoming Ill because you have no money to pay for the treatment. if you love traveling. Well you can or any other expensive hobby.. You don't have to live only for survival and using 99 % of your money just to exist. You can purchase more expensive clothes. Which always help for self-eesteem.

Also home comfort is important. Living in an impoverish neighborhood in a roach filled apartment with paper thin wall won't make you happier.. Trust me. i know it so well. During winter so start freezing because the wall aren't isolated and you can't pay the electricity bill. Also being poor make you feel powerless and exploited by everyone. So have no say in almost every decision take by many . Same with politics. The poor have no voice at all.

Having to worry about utility bill all the time make yours life very stressful and the street can be has close to 1 pay check away. Also you can only purchase crappy food that just fill your stomach, but aren't really good for your health. Sometime you have to skip eating.

So yes.. Living in poverty is challenging and stressful, but not everyone will be poor and miserable... But being richer make thing easier. So much easier.
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It may or may not. The trouble comes when people only associate with you because of your money, not you. This is something I actually want to explore. Hehe


"money can't buy happiness", but you can't deny, having money can certainly brighten up one's day. Just knowing you can afford the necessities (meds, doctors, food groceries, bills, emergency funds), and a little bit of luxury too won't hurt. Most importantly, not having to work anymore due to SA/awkwardness/shyness, is a very great relief. Money can be a good energy booster.

On the other hand, having a great amount of money also scares me, as it can trigger compulsive buying, which can turn me into a worst hoarder (i have the tendency, I love things may it be from trashy to expensive ones). I know it's too materialistic, but "things" help me cope, rather than people who gives me headaches all the time.


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Money won't fix psychological problems, fears, SAD or anything like that... So unless one becomes more social, then no, money won't fix loneliness (unless money-grabbing "friends" count :p). Money fixes bills, rent, fees, power etc though :D and it's always nice going shopping without caring how much you spend lol. If I get rich, I'd be less stressed money-wise, and I'd be able to buy my parents a house, which would make me happy, but in the end of the day, I highly doubt it will make me less lonely. I hope I answered that right, tell me if I've misunderstood XD
Being Rich is my greatest fantasy,not because of money itself but because of the self-esteem money would give me,

my core problem is inferiority-complex,which became social fobia ,

i used to be a very extrovert guy,i end up here because of humiliation experiences,loneliness,racionalism,overthinking...

Winning the lotery definitely solves my problem.


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Wow. I've never seen a 5-year-long thread before - must be some topic. To answer the original question, I have a distant relative who is a very successful realtor with at least several million USD in the bank. Also, he's funny, intelligent, handsome, and a snappy dresser. And yet he can't find so much as a steady girlfriend, and not for the lack of trying.
So, I guess money is not a silver bullet. That being said, I do believe that being rich can help in this area.


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I can already feel it's not beneficial to talk about this but i guess there is a benefit for a "cocktail conversation" story to tell someone. The reason i say it's not beneficial is just because I am poor and talking about what i don't have and may never have can make me feel kind of low but oh well I'm bored.

If we are talking rich people money, someone who is shy could go as far as to fix themselves if they feel they aren't getting enough relationships.

There is a lot of things money can buy, therapists, for one. Heck a shy person could get themselves a personal social anxiety coach.

I have a lot of experience with the online dating, and something I noticed is if a dude is loaded he can get a decent looking woman from there. It would make getting dates a lot easier. It would also make holding on to women easier when they know you can support a family or even just support her.

I know the old cliche that goes they may just want your money, that's the only reason they hang out with you. Ok.....lots of men who are shy don't have a woman at all right even if she's "faking it" at least the guy gets a girl with him and she acts like she wants to be with him even if she's acting. It's more than he was getting before, which was nothing.

The list goes on, people tend to respect people who are wealthy more, you can travel places if you feel like where you are isn't working out.

There are also other things to bring personal happiness like the ability to buy your own home so you can live more comfortably than some crummy apartment, you can get a nice car and financial worry won't be bogging you down.

It does depend on the person, if they know how to utilize the money.

Nice clothes can be beneficial and money can buy that as well.

You could buy your way into every social club, play every rec sport, buy girls drinks and dinners, as I said there is so much, the list goes on.

The social anxiety will still be there to some extent, but money can definitely help if you know how to make it work it for you.


Money can make things easier but it wont necessarily make you happy and yes you that can buy hangers on, they wont make you happy either. Of course having SA I wouldn't be able to stand being around the wannabe hangers on so if I could be (or if someone wants to make me ;)) rich I would quite like that haha.
Money can allow you more free time which can equate to all the time you are stressed because of work, you can now avoid.. But as for lonliness, no