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  • I agree One Piece is just awesome and it's impossible to get sick of, but I don't know anything about the cloud world yet. I'm still new to the anime. The last thing that happened is Luffy, working a chore boy on a restaurant ship for exchange for meals and board meets Sanji who turns out to be a really nice guy. Giving food to those who are hungry and having a motto that if you are hungry that makes you a customer. Sanji is now traveling with Luffy or should I say Luffy is traveling with him seeing how it is Sanji's ship that they are on, even though Luffy is still considered the captain. I mean chatroom roleplaying. I use to roleplay characters from animes all the time when I was younger.
    But, yeah, One Piece... blows Fairy Tail and Bleach out of the water, and is closing in one Naruto pretty close! Funniest anime since Ranma 1/2. Ah yes, the blond haired boy, Momoji. I use to role play as Kyo and there was this Momoji role player that I role played with all the time. At one point we had role players for every Fruits Basket character in the series! :D I've never gotten into Yu-Gi-Oh, but I have friends who play the cards. (Continue ^)
    I love Nami the best, she's so awesome! :D I just watched episode 20 tonight, so I still have A LONG way to go, but I watch 10 episodes each night so I'll fly through it. Out of all the things I could tell you about Fairy Tail that is one of the few things that I am not remembering for some reason. All I remember is that there is a black dragon but I couldn't tell you much else. I'm guessing the new dragon slayers are Wendy, the young blue haired girl, and Gajeel the steel magic user? There's also Lexus but I'm but he is introduced earlier on. (Continue ^)
    Okay, I have to change my perspective on what my favorite of the big 4 is. I am watching through One Piece right now, and I have to say there is no anime like it really. Naruto is still my favorite of them all right now because I am fully caught up in it and such but if One Piece continues being as awesome as it is right now it'll easily take first place. (Continue ^)
    *Tries to remember what arc that is in Fairy Tail. I remember them fighting a dragon but I couldn't go into any specifics of detail on it. Does it have something to do with Lisanna and Natsu's childhood? Sorry, I'm having one of those brain farts right now. <.< I'm caught up in Fairy Tail but I am starting to warm up to the new art style even though it's not quite as good as the original. Overall though Fairy Tail is awesome sauce! But if I were to pick a favorite of the big 4 it would have to be Naruto from start all the way through Shippuden. I also collect and play the trading card game for Naruto. :)
    I actually don't read very much one shot comics or fan fictions. I like to keep going with a story because I like to see the evolution of the characters as the series progresses over time. There are some shorter manga series that I've read though by Milk Morinaga which are no more than a couple volumes each, and there are some short stories that I've been meaning to read through by Rumiko Takahashi. Cool about being caught up in Gintama! That's awesome. :D (Continue ^)
    As you already know I am watching Elfen Lied with a friend so I have to wait until we get together to continue watching through it. So far we've watched the first three episodes. As much as I like Lucy and Nana I am starting to like Yuka the most. She reminds me of Akane from Ranma 1/2, which is pretty much why I like her so much. Heard of Half Prince but haven't read the manga for it yet. You should definitely watch through Ranma 1/2. I highly recommend it! :D The manga goes into more of the characters and story though, and they are also being released with the new anime box sets as 2 volume Omnibuses that are completely done over/remastered. (Continue ^)
    I am placing an anime order tomorrow. I will be preordering the second box set to Ranma 1/2 on Blu-ray, which is actually my favorite anime/manga series of all time because it was the first anime I pretty much ever watched besides what was on Teletoon and YTV back in the day that ushered me into the world of anime! If you like humor and want to have at least three good laughs per episode of a 161 episode anime watch Ranma 1/2. It's old, but so very good! ^_^
    Well tonight I finished the second season of Vampire Knight, I couldn't stop watching so I spent the entire night watching it so that I could finish it. Liked the second season a little more than the first season as there was more "action" (if you want to call changing into a vampire and sucking blood action) and "emotion" in it/in the final season. Also Shiki was introduced, another cool character. I like girly animes... but it really depends on what I'm in the mood for at the time. Elfen Lied is something that my friend and I wanted to watch because we were in the mood for horror and gore. Elfen Lied is really good, and the characters Lucy and Nana are just shear awesomeness! I know what you mean about the realism of gory animes being attention grabbing though, which is another reason why I would recommend Elfen Lied. I've never watched Ouran Highschool Host Club but I heard about it (of course.) [Cont.]
    Aidou is cool, but especially Zero! My favorite character however is Yuuki-chan. She's adorable! Many guys prefer Shonen manga to Shoujo but I like them both equally. I don't mind that the plots are "girly" and that they appeal to female viewers more than they appeal to male viewers. I appreciate and love all anime equally, and I'm usually in the mood for just about any genre type. I like mangas that focus on a whole bunch of characters and not just the few main characters. Naruto should have went in that direction with its ginormous character cast. I looked up Wolf's Rain, it looks decent, and I love stories that grab the heart. Yes!! An anime/manga club on here would be great! ^_^ Have you ever watched Elfen Lied? It's a little gory but it's really good! :D
    I may just have to do that. :) And yes you can watch loads of anime movies, OVAs, and specials to anime series on that site. I go there quite often whenever I feel like watching a movie instead of starting a new series. Stamps is something you collect when drawing Employment Insurance (EI) after working enough weeks to go on it. You're not the only one, I am terrible at math... It has always given me a challenge. I like sciences a lot more than maths. I haven't read Noblesse yet but it looks really good! I did however watch the first season of Vampire Knight tonight! It's a great Shoujo series that split into two seasons, each composing of 13 episodes each with a few specials. Also I just finished Vivdred Operation the other night, it was also really good! The next animes I want to check out are Strike Witches and Sky Girls. :D
    Lol. I know right! I plan on watching it for the 13th time very soon, too :p You can also watch it in three half hour parts on There's also a lot of good anime movies on that site to watch! Job hunting is really hard there's not much work offered where I'm from. I am just going to continue passing out resumes all over the place until I get a call. I wouldn't mind working sixteen weeks, drawing EI, and then drawing stamps, as long as I am making enough money to pay all my personal expenses and have enough money to buy new anime. ^_^
    The original Sailor Moon will be releasing once again on Blu-ray with new English voice actors/actresses. So if you prefer watching anime in English Dubbed I would wait and watch the remastered version. It releases this Fall. Also Sailor Moon Crystal is starting up in July which is a Remake of the classic Sailor Moon manga. Thanks I honestly don't think my art is anything special but thanks! The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was really good, I watched it 12 times so far. :p The Interview didn't work out because I was only promised 8-16 hours a week, which I couldn't live on. I have medical expenses and over 300 dollars worth of rent and board that I have to dish out. I couldn't live on that, so I'm keeping things the way they are for now... I did pass a resume in at another place today though so hopefully I'll get a call soon. :)
    Card captors was one of my favorites as well. I've watched the anime twice, and own the first few volumes to the manga. I was curious to see what Sailor Moon was all about and have since then watched through it twice. I took the Pokemon games more than I did with the anime, but overall it's just not a series or a franchise that I am crazy about or anything. I would have to agree with you, Pullip dolls are cute! ^_^ I will look you up on DeviantART. I'm under the name Tsubasasan11 on DeviantART also I did not draw my avatar (it's Chiaki from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) but I have drawn FanART of Chiaki and Makoto: Canadian and Russian Flag Drawing for UmeMuhinyi99 by tsubasasan11 on deviantART I draw anime pictures as the Japanese style is the only style that I enjoy and it goes with the whole Otaku thing. Rent isn't cheap in Canada either.
    I grew up watching DBZ, Pokemon, Digimon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, etc. Pokemon I don't care too much about, it's the one anime that I never really took too, but I was pretty much obsessed with DBZ back when I was a kid. I'm watching it once a week with a friend (Kai that is) but I'm also working on getting all of DBZ on Blu-ray as well. The job I'm trying to get on at is a Super Market stocking shelves at night. My interview is tonight at 10:00pm, my fingers are crossed. Oh you're an artist, so am I! Are you on DeviantART by chance? I'm living with my parents as well... I wouldn't have it any other way at this point. It's easier, I can save up money, and buy things that I normally wouldn't be able to get if I lived on my own. You should get Pulip Dolls for your room and Chibi character statues :3 !!
    Today was pretty good. I bought the third season of Dragon Ball Z on Blu-ray. I've recently taken an interest in that anime again ever since I started watching Kai with a friend. I got a call today for an interview at a job so I'm pretty psyched up about that. When I start making some more money I also plan on Otakufying my bedroom. I want to get some wall scrolls, grab all three seasons of Shakugan No Shana (with the addition of the movie, and OVAS) and get a few statues... not sure though of who yet. :p
    It's not so much that they look different, the animation quality in general isn't as good, but I've only watched 4 episodes into it so I haven't adjusted to it yet, I probably will as I get farther into it. :) Definitely try Magic Knight Rayearth. It's a good classic anime! I haven't watched or read One Piece yet. After spending so many months watching Naruto, Bleach, and Fairy Tail, I want to take a break from the bigger animes. But I do plan on getting around to watching it eventually. :) Also I warn you about Serial Experiments Lain is VERY weird.
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