American base in Australia


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Apparently on his upcoming visit to Australia President Obama is going to announce the establishment of a permanent American military base here.

This would be first time ever that foreign military has been stationed here permanently. During the Second World War it was only for the duration.

In my opinion there should be no warfare whatsoever, and therefore no military anywhere in the world. Quite apart from reasons which have always existed, the USA alone has the ability to blow the world up a number of times over. Costa Rica, Iceland and Mauritius have no military forces.

What do we think about this?


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Being from the USA myself, I can't say I like this. We need to stay out of people's business. There's no reason for us to have a military base there! All I can personally do is apologize for the ever growing idiocy of my country, which I feel the need to do the older I get....
They have permanent bases in around 130 countries. Welcome to the club.

... Not that I agree with that.

However, it's simply not practical to disarm the whole world. It will never happen, no matter how hard people try.

That said, there is absolutely no reason for permanent military installations of any kind outside your own national borders. That's imperialism. Coming from the guy who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for his campaign promises alone.


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I do not know how I feel about this.

So China owns America's debt and Americans want it to 'play by the rules'? hm?

I don't like the idea of more nuclear-powered anything anywhere though... depends what they'll be doing there I guess...


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I think Australia provides a lot of support to the US military, in terms of satellite, radar, communication and other technology. I think having a military base here is not the way to go. More and more I do not support many of the Gillards Governments policies. I suspect she will never be elected Prime Minister by the electorate.


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from the articles i've found, it doesn't sound like there is any plan to build an actual american military base - just that american troops will be training in australia and using the australian naval ports and air bases more