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  • omg im on the web masters visitor page , just going through the site names ect ... ill um leave shhh i wasnt really here , if it looked like i was here it was hackers mr web master sir :) :D take no notice of me mate im always mucking about .. im harmless :rolleyes:
    put the chatbox back to where it was, it feels like SPW losts something significant :\
    Hi, I just received an unjust warning from Remus. The intended recipient of my message on the forums was clearly not insulted, nor did I intend for anyone to be insulted. If you read what I wrote it clearly is not abusive nor insulting. I may have over reacted toward Remus, but in all honesty I am insulted that anyone found what I wrote offensive.

    As a side note, thank you for this website. People with social anxiety and social phobia can learn allot from each other, and offer help and support to one another. I think it's a great idea, and that is why I joined. So thank you!

    *edited by Remus, I sorted this out with this member, the infraction system was not working correctly and I ended up infracting the wrong member
    Thank you, chief! The place feels great now! I still think that we need to do a push on getting a few more mods around, but this is a great start. But take a rest first, yes? I think you've earned one after the software change!
    Is there any chance of getting a link to the old IRC chat room? A lot of people still use it and it would be a shame to lose it. Thanks.
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