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  • Hey there,

    That's a beautiful song... I once sang this on a wedding party. It's a nice one, and I can get why you think it looks like my songs, I also write like this aspect. So I guess that's why. Also her looks are close to mine a bit and her voice has this disambiguation (Falsetto) technique which I like to use in almost any song I sing. Also The Cranberries have this technique. (Zombie) and Anouk - Lost. That's my favourite singing technique. Hehe.

    Although I don't think our voices are very similiar yet we do use the same techniques.
    So it sounds like eachother but still different voices. :]

    Thank you very much. I think you have a very great gear in music ^^ Don't worry about your musical ears.. ::p:

    How are you doing btw pal? You know what's funny? I thought you were a girl at first when you were here according to your avatar.... I realised later on you are a guy.. Hahha

    It's Piper Perabo right? :p

    Good day pal!
    It's adjusted for the different.

    I may have to go re-read your posts in light of this new found knowledge. :)
    > Mmhmm I'm a guy

    Are you?! Gosh, I guess I'd been thinking of you as Fiona Apple.
    *adjusts her image of you*
    Sorry vj, I've decided to come back, so you can't have my Wins after all!:D I hope you are going well atm.
    Holy **** - a guy can't come back peacefully without having to be harassed by you asking for **nude** dance videos? :D

    Geez vj, get your mind out of the gutter! Sicko! :D
    I just found this this morning and it made my day. I thought I'd share. :D

    Cuddy and Cameron; Angry Valley Girls. - YouTube
    This reminds me... *ashamed look* vj... I think I'm starting to like a Fiona song. Namely the one your location is referencing... ::eek:: Just a little bit though!
    oh good, the creativity of them is half the pleasure. i've been using stumbleupon, its turning up some good results :)
    Is that enough time to become a fan? Perhaps I shall walk on over to youtube and sample some songs.
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