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    A reintroduction

    Hello, welcome back! It's nice to hear a lot of things have gone well, even if there are a few that aren't at the moment. The site has probably slowed down quite a bit since you last remember, but there are still a few friendly faces here and there. Make yourself at home!
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    Do single people really have it harder?

    This is something I've found to be true in the past. When I've been single, I felt the need to be out finding a relationship of some sort before it was too late. Then in relationships, I would find myself thinking about all the options I'd eliminated by being in a relationship with someone. Now...
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    Comic Strip Thread!

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    What do you think of age gap relationships?

    Reading this back I realized I'm still 27 for another 4 months. With a memory like this maybe I wouldn't fit in with 21 year olds :LOL:
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    Gamers thread

    I'm debating between BotW and Super Mario Odyssey next. I figure I'll wait until winter when I can justify an excuse be inside all day a little more easily :P Legend of Zelda games, historically, have been some of my favorites so I think I would like it more, but after playing through (almost...
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    anxiety vs depression

    I wouldn't say one is worse than the other. Throughout a lot of my life the two have tended to flip flop as to which is more, er, pronounced you could say. I'll have phases of my life when depression is the issue I need to focus more on, and then I will have phases when its the anxiety I have to...
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    What do you think of age gap relationships?

    When it comes to relationships I think they can come in all different shapes and sizes and no two are the same. What works in one may not work in another, and I do my best to keep as open a mind as I can when seeing other peoples relationships. If two (or more than two) people manage to make...
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    Getting your hair cut

    I haven't been in around 5 or 6 years I think. When I did go I usually I didn't make small talk, I'd just sit and not say much, the barbers I went to never seemed to force conversation onto me. What I did hate was telling them what I wanted for a haircut. Early on I solved this by just getting...
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    Comic Strip Thread!

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    Everything makes sense now!

    I when I first came across Avoidant Personality Disorder I had a similar reaction. I like to joke that I see myself in every mental disorder, but with AvPD it really resonated. I came across in my late teens, around a decade ago now, and there are a few things I remember that stood out. The...
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    Comic Strip Thread!

    After she finished the run of Girls With Slingshots, the author started rerunning all the comics with coloring on all the black and white ones and new blog posts/rollover text as well. It's pretty cool! I read through so fast the first time that a lot of the arcs I barely remember, it feels like...
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    Comic Strip Thread!

    Of course! As long as they continue to update, I will continue to read them. My current list is below, it's like my own hand-picked section of the comic section of a newspaper :D And being the only one in your life to read webcomics means you have the pleasure of introducing people to the...
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    Comic Strip Thread!

    Me too. I always want to post them in this thread, but then it would be like an inside joke no one else would get. At least there's one person! :P
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    It's generally a safe bet that a person has gone on a Law and Order binge at one point in their lives. Or 20 :LOL:
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    I focus on this part. What's done is done. Work on what can be controlled or changed, not what can't. There's a lot of things I would do differently if I could go back in time, but those aren't things I can change. There are lots of things I am in control of now, and every action I take today...