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    Gamers thread

    I splurged and picked up a few games on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, along with a wired controller so multiplayer is a little more fun. Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening, and Super Mario Party. I was excited until I tried to play Fire Emblem and kept getting an error at...
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    Post your favourite music

    CHVRCHES can do no wrong.
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    Quiz : Are you a loner ?

    Unfortunately the link is broken for me.
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    Being a good person.

    I have two comments, one is more general on the topic, and the other is about me more specifically. The more general is about this idea that having SA comes with these unique, positive qualities, like that we are all "kind, decent, altruistic" or other qualities like that we are smarter, more...
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    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

    I'm starting to notice more often now that I'm at the age where people I saw as much older than me when I was younger are now, at the time I viewed them when I was younger, are now actually younger than me. Like when I watch early episodes of Friends I can't help but notice the characters are...
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    How are you feeling?

    A bit stressed about Thanksgiving, although somewhat surprising more of it is coming from my own family than the large group of near strangers I will be spending the day with at my girlfriend's house. It's Thanksgiving and I'm grateful I have a family, but I don't know at what point a small room...
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    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

    May I ask what you do to identify and reinforce what is important? Maybe it's a silly question and I'm overthinking an obvious thing, but I find I have a disconnect between identifying whether or not things really matter/are important and believing (or "feeling) that they are. I was just...
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    rate the last film you watched

    Looking for Alaska (mini-series) - 6.5/10 I had mixed feelings watching this. Lot's of things I thought were great like the casting and the way particular parts of the book were adapted, but overall I thought it drifted a little farther from the source material at times in feel than I liked. It...
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    Post your favourite music

    I am excited, she has announced a small tour in North America and one stop is near me! I don't want to get too exited, but based on her most recent album I think it's going to be a great show.
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    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

    I'm not sure if it's universally considered as rude. I think one-upmanship is in basically all situations somewhat rude (although easy to do mindlessly), but I'm not sure that's always the feeling conveyed when sharing a similar experience. I think the closest example of this I can think of is...
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    Im gonna die soon.

    I think there's a point when hopelessness becomes so great that it is actually freeing. For example, unless you're chained to the radiator you could walk out and leave the house whenever you liked and not return. There's an infinite number of ways to escape on a scale from reckless, risky, and...
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    Is anyone who has anxiety a good writer?

    I've always considered myself an above average storyteller. The technical side of converting the stories from idea to paper I don't think I excel at as much though. I always find myself grasping for words I can't find or worried I am making some basic grammatical mistake that is just going...
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    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

    After a month of tiredness I splurged and bought a mattress set. My plan is once it gets here next week I'll push it up a flight of stairs, maneuver it onto my bed frame, and fall upon it for a good 26 hours of sleep or so.
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    Comic Strip Thread!

    This cartoonist gets me.
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    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

    Lately I keep having this dream where I go back in time, to like the 90's, and then have to try to explain to people what smart phones and the (modern day) internet is. Also desperately try to remember what stocks and sports teams will make me the most money.