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  • Oooh! How lucky! I wish I could've seen her in concert, her music is excellent, her awesomeness makes up for any possible mistakes in concert for me haha. I don't meet many people who actually know who she is, so I was excited!
    well you were right, I started series 2 :sad: I'm so ashamed of myself ...don't look at me
    this kind of reminds me of fiona... have you heard of her? hope this works...

    Melody Gardot - If I Tell You I Love You (w/ lyrics) - YouTube
    How is work going? Tolerable?

    Husband is good he should just be hereeeee. :( Stupid waiting!
    Ooh, yes please! I'm always up for travelling somewhere new! :D

    Yeah dishwashing is never fun. Well, it's not so bad if you're using one of those large commercial dishwashers, which is what I used most of the time when I took Culinary Arts at tech school. Takes most of the work out for you. ;) Even though it's not exactly fun, at least it's earning you something to get by on.

    Oh I wish I was travelling the world for a year! No, I'm just taking a year off because I feel like it. I feel it's best, I need to try to get on my feet. Get my license, move out of the house, get a job, try to get therapy, basically just try to get out on my own and be more independent. It's going to be hard, but it's what I need to do I think before heading on to another university to complete my degree. Still unsure where I'm going, but I'll figure it out.
    Oh wow, that's great! California, awesome! :D Definitely need to take a trip out there someday, totally on my bucket list. Good luck with your new job! :) What are you doing?

    School has been stressing me out recently, having difficulty with a course, so hopefully I'll get that sorted this week. I've also been feeling pretty sick, so I'm going to the doctor's this week to get that taken care of too. Other than that though, I haven't really been doing much. Just thinking about what I want/need to do after I'm done here at college and take my year off.
    Yeah! :D Hey! It's been a while since I've seen you anywhere, here and the SPC group. How are you?
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