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  • Yess, her awesomeness was abounding from the stage :D It was fun, she told us a story about possibly being conceived in the concert hall by her womanizing father and how she loves everyone, including doucebags. (and the performance itself was of course outstanding)
    It is! I love her too, if the avatar didn't tell you that, or my location, or my signature ::p: I was lucky enough to see her in concert last Wednesday, it was so so great (despite not the best acoustics). She is just so awesome :D
    do you deliver cookies out of US?

    some suggestions that may help:

    1. sleep well and in rigid schedules
    (this far more important that it seems and for some people as hard). you will need probably more hours to put yourself in order with so much anxiety during the day - i know a lot of social people going to bed at 10p.m, so feel free to do so.

    2. invite a different person to drive you to the work or catch you after - same family or friends

    3. exercise for awhile during this period - some miles walking - can lift your mood sometimes!

    4. music, music, music....i'm sure it doesn't need to say why

    5. try to get some time for a coffee or a smoke with a friend at work, even 5 min sometimes will help you for the rest of the shift

    6. WAIT FOR THE 1ST PAYCHECK, who doesn't likes money anyway?

    normally there are 9 steps, I probably miss something here be free to update with other things that it makes u feel good
    Yes it is very fun, I'm sure you could do it, to tell the truth I'm a bit clumsy myself lol. Well if you ever just want someone to chat with I'm always open .
    Whoa! Well, ah was'nae.... ah wasn't expectin' that ! Ah'll tell ye that much...

    From a simple wee, honest compliment aboot yer appearance, tae a friend request... (F)uckin' hell! If ah was little less awkward, socially, that approach would probably greatly increase ma chances o' gettin' laid. Just sayin'... nae offense intended there, darlin'. If yer offended, am sorry, awright?

    Oh. hullo! :greeting: Thanks fur the friend request, by-the-way. Probably should've opened wi' that! :ironicsmile: Oops! Feelin' a wee bit self-conscious now... Because ah just realised ah wrote some of this message in ma native Scottish regional dialect - minus the translations, like a right eejit! Duh! :eek:mg: Hope that's no an issue...? :shyness:

    Aye, ah know... I am that self-aware aboot it. As ye can see with ma accent, ye tend tae ramble on, and on... And usually, tae the point where words become utterly incomphensable.

    Anyway, nice tae meet ya, darlin'.
    Np:) and I'm well. Just finished pumpkin carving so I'm in a especially good mood. How about yourself"?
    Well I'm really enjoying the cooking side of college, but when it comes to the sociable part, I'm finding it a bit difficult to be outgoing and chatty while I'm there. I should have gone in on thursday, but i just couldn't face it that day. I was supposed to be cooking in the college restaurant, cooking for paying customers, but I needed a time out. I can't do that again because it's only a part time course and I need all the experience I can get. I just need to suck it up and try my best to overcome my SA. I can also relate to what you say about struggling to grasp what you are being taught at times. I have a terrible memory, and when the tutor is telling me how things are supposed to be done, half of the time I am only able to take in half of what he is saying. So now I write everything down when I'm there. Talking of writing, I really think you have a talent for writing yourself. I find your posts very well written. You should think about taking that up as a career I think.
    Well I just drank a cup of coffee, so hopefully the caffeine will kick in soon, and give me the energy buzz I need. By the way Le, I was sorry to read about the problems your having in your job. I started a catering course about a month ago, and I too am finding it all a bit overwhelming being there. What with trying to remember everything I'm being taught, and trying my best to be sociable. Are you planning on returning to your job?
    I'm doing good, thank you Le (hope you don't mind me shortening your name) I'm trying to motivate myself to do my exercises. I also need to find the time to do some studying as well. How are you doing?
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