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    The Partner You Deserve

    Inspired by another thread, I'm curious as to what we feel we would be worthy of having in a partner. I realize that not everyone here seeks nor feels worthy of a romantic partner, so I've opted to drop the adjective. So if thinking about a significant other makes you uncomfortable, just...
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    More Than Just Friends: Risk vs. Reward

    I found myself giving someone some advice about this last night, and wonder what your ideas are. If you are friends with someone but start to care for them as more than just a friend, how would you go about telling this friend. Would you tell him/her/it at all, or try to content yourself with...
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    Post what you cannot say

    I'm glad your wife is pregnant with your second child. Really, I am. But I can't help looking at you and thinking of the direction my life could have taken. I even wrote a poem about it a few years back. But there's no way I'll ever let you read it.
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    A Feb. 14th exercise

    Lots of us tend to dislike this date. Lots of us are lonely, and have difficulties initiating contact with others. So instead of sulking, let's do something about it! If you're up for it, just post in this thread. Tell us if you're male or female, and who you'd like to receive a Valentine from...
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    I did not steal this one from Confuseddd. He just happened to post his "Alone" before I posted mine. I promise. ;) Anyway, here's more sturm und drang to cheer you up. I'm not entirely sure I'm happy with this one yet, but this is good enough for now. And I'm not entirely sure sturm und drang...
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    Dragon's Eyes

    As threatened, here it is. It's definitely not one of my better works, but what the hell.... I think I was in an Yngwie or power metal frame of mind when I wrote it. Just in case it's not obvious.... "Dragon's Eyes" Don't be afraid of the fury inside When you're looking into the dragon's eyes...
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    Setup with sister's coworker's niece

    Alright, this one is quite a feat. Apparently a coworker of my sister wants to know if I'd be interested in meeting her niece. I've been told she's a "Colombian niece," though I'm unsure if that's in reference to her heritage or if she's currently living there. There's even a picture that goes...
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    Good Deed for the Day

    After getting to sleep very late this morning, I was rudely awoken by my brother. "Luke, Dad found an injured red-tail on his way to work." A hawk that needs my assistance? Three hours of sleep be damned! Sure enough, Dad was parked out front with a hawk in his truck; he found it on the side of...
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    Wikipedia articles?

    I've done it. You've probably done it. What are some of the stranger things you've found yourself reading about on Wikipedia? The other night I somehow ended up here. I think I started out reading about the Norway maple, but I'm not entirely sure. Coppicing Oddly enough, I'm intrigued at the...
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    A Tale of Two Poets

    One poet harps on pretty things; on baby's breath and angels' wings; on life and love, and rites of spring that ring in with the birds who sing. His heart is pure and beauty grows wherever this bright poet goes. He plants his dreams in tidy rows and always reaps just as he sows. This poet...
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    Everyone, post your videos!

    We have a thread for guys. We have a thread for girls. We have a voice thread. So here's the video thread. As long as it's not inappropriate, let's introduce ourselves to... ourselves! I'll start us off, though this is a bit quiet. But that's what happens when you record at 3 AM. YouTube - Hi...
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    Future Again

    I've never really liked the title, but here's one I recently dug up.... Men play God with bombs and guns; Women play God by aborting their sons. The children all burn the little bugs. Fear not. We still have hope. Stories say the future is bright, That life and love turn out alright. To see...
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    The Statue

    In my heart's Acropolis, Up on the hill There stands a lone figure Which frightens me still With its stern, empty visage That tells what he's done And hints at the demon I may yet become. He cradles a lute, With a sword in his hand As he stands there awaiting, Surveying the land. He shoulders a...
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    Who Do You Admire?

    Like the title says, who are your heroes? Who do you look up to, find inspiration in, seek to emulate, etc.? Feel free to give reasons if you'd like. I'll start off with just three words: Lord Timothy Dexter Honestly! Just read about him. What's not to love? :D
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    Local Legends, Folk Tales

    Another thread about the paranormal made me think of this one. Are there any interesting myths, legends, or folk tales where you live? Maybe real-life events that happened a long time ago? Share them with us! Since I grew up in New Jersey, and southern New Jersey at that, I've been hearing...