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  • Hope you feel better soon.Do you find video games a good escape from the stresses of the real world.I find books,comedy programmes and particularly music a good escape from the stresses of the everyday and anxiety.
    Hi how have you been.What kind of video games do you like playing and what are some of your favourites.
    Hi.Whats wrong with the book.I usually can tell within a page wether or not I will like a book.If a book does not hook me in early or I dont like the first page,then I usually stop reading it.How about you.
    I have heard of the Shades of Grey book.Its suppose to be quite explicit.Its good when books gain mass appeal.Its not that often that happens though.J K Royling managed it with her Harry Potter books.Can you think of any others.
    I have a facebook too if you want to look me up, Steven Dwyer , Ozone Park , NY, my picture is the same one as this on here ok. Id like it if you do , just try to be open
    I perfer Kings less extremly violent stories such as the Tailsmen, Dreamcatcher, Tommyknockers,Insomnia.My tolerance for death for andiolence in books and films is not high.Its been that way for a few years.Probably due to the fact that it reminds me how destructive humans can be.I perfer stories that are not too dark.The last moving films I saw were Wallie and Knocked up
    The clown must have caused a few nightmares.In some cases the book is better and in other cases the film can hold its own.For example I have seen Jurasic Park the film and I have read the book.The film can hold its own.Whats the last film and book that make a big impression on you.
    The IT book had a scary clown in it,did it not.I think there is an actual phobia to do with clowns.Quite a few if King`s books have been made into films or shown on tv.What do you think tells a story better.The moving image or the written word.
    The crime genre seems very popular amongst readers and the tv is filled with crime related shows.Im more into comedy,fantasy and sci fi.I have read quite a few King stories when I was younger.The Tailsman,Insomina and the Tommyknockers were very good.
    Hi.I noticed you mentioned liking to read in your profile.What do you like to read and do you find it relaxing
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