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    Co worker stabbed me in the back.

    I work with a lady called Lyn who i thought i got on well with. We text each other outside of work and i've given her a lift home etc She's older than me so i sort of looked to her as a mother figure in a way. I work in a care home and yesterday i was called into the managers office out of the...
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    Does this mean I'm ugly?

    There's a guy at work who's very loud and doesn't really care about offending people. He's always flirting with me and making vulgar comments so he's not exactly my favourite person. I told him I had a sister and he asked to see what she looked like. I showed him a Facebook picture and he said...
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    Should i cut contact with him?

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    Someone called me ugly online.

    I commented on a fan page of something on Facebook. I didn't say anything horrible. There were guys making creepy comments about a certain female celebrity that i'm a fan of. I commented something like "some of these comments are a bit creepy". Then some guy replied and said my face/profile...
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    This "nice" weather is making my anxiety really bad.

    It's not even officially Summer yet and i'm already getting depressed and anxious. I hate the Summer. Mainly because there's suddenly 100's more people everywhere and you can't avoid them. I can't cover myself up with a jacket or coat anymore so walking down the street is really uncomfortable...
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    Worried about going in to work tomorrow.

    I've been really ill over the weekend (throwing up). Sorry if TMI. So there was no way i could have gone in to work this weekend. I have a huge phobia about using the phone but i rang in really early to tell them at work that i would't be in on Saturday. The person who answered said that was...
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    Coworker is making me miserable.

    I work with this middle aged lady who is very nice as a person but at the same time i feel like she's dragging me down. She seems to have a LOT of personal problems. I mean, i have had my fair share (SA, OCD etc) but i try and keep my personal life, personal. She, on the other hand, seems to...
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    Am i weird for feeling like this?

    I feel incredibly uncomfortable when positive things happen in my life or if it looks like things are going my way for once. I've always felt like i was born to have an unhappy/unlucky life so if anything good does happen it feel unnatural, like it's wrong for me to enjoy anything because it's...
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    Does anyone dislike the Summer?

    I really don't like it at all. I hate the fact that as soon as the sun comes out there seem to be hundreds of people everywhere. I also hate having to wear clothes that show off my body because of the heat. I much prefer the winter because you can hide under a coat and umbrella and there aren't...
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    Are some people just born lucky?

    I believe some people are. I've known of people who aren't particularly nice yet have everything they want and everything seems to go right for them. They're popular, go on exotic holidays, everything they do goes right and nothing seems to go wrong for them.
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    Should i have deleted him from Facebook?

    Like a lot of people my age i ended up being very stupid and getting into what you could call a "casual" relationship. It was just sex for him but it wasn't for me and i ended up pretty heart broken. He and i stayed in touch after it was over. He told me that he wanted to stay friends and i did...
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    What is the difference between APD and Social Anxiety?

    They both sound the same. :idontknow:
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    Do you think it's really possible to improve social anxiety?

    Or are we just kidding ourselves? At the moment i don't think there's much chance of it happening and yes, i am trying. I'd love to hear any stories of people with SA getting better and having a normal life because i don't know of any.
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    Coping with loneliness.

    I've always been a loner and liked my own company but when i was a kid i still went out with friends and played outside etc so i wasn't really ever lonely. Now that i'm older and the few people that i am friends have children or are getting married i feel completely alone. The one female friend...
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    Social anxiety and loneliness.

    I work full time which helps me to take my mind off things and keeps me going but this week i'm off until next Monday and i'm already bored and getting depressed. I didn't want this week off but our boss said all our holiday had to be booked by a certain time and this week was the only time...