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  • I like Gackt, but he's far from my favorite artist. Japanese pop/rock is pretty much all I listen to. I'm more into the visual kei stuff. Like the GazettE and alicenine. etc.
    It's a cute little squid.

    Just like this one. Baby squid. :3
    I speak Cantonese. I only know a few words in Mandarin. When I was younger I went to chinese school every saturday to learn how to read and write in Cantonese, but I forgot a lot, because I don't practise it anymore. Shame on me, lol.
    I'm sure that I'll have a good time there. I'm always happy when I'm there. I miss HK very much.
    Are you from HK or mainland China? I will visit HK next month. It'll be the 6th time for me there. This time I'll also visit cities like Shanghai and Beijing with my sis.
    Awww... thanks girl. I'm also happy to be your friend! BTW, I'm also Chinese, but born and bred in the Netherlands. How are you feeling at this moment? I hope you're not feeling too ****ed up.
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