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  • What will you be doing while they swim?
    Driving scares me because I have to be out there with other people and because I'm afraid to ask my mother to. Whenever I drive with her, she usually yells at me and/or accentuates my negatives and failures.
    What do they usually do at your house? And I hope to because I really need to learn how to drive. I have places I would like to go.
    What's the occasion for your family coming over?

    I will most likely be helping my mother renovate my room. I would like to go driving too, but I'm scared to do it.
    The action and plot sequences, yes. The "funny" parts, not so much. So, aside from the fireworks, how has your night been?
    My night has been pretty silent. Almost lonely really. And kinda boring::p:. All I'm doing now is listening to music, watching videos on YouTube, and reading.
    Alas I cannot. My teleportation magic is out of order at the moment and my loyal steed Despair is resting::p:. So how're the fireworks?
    I'm gud thanks got a date for more test so fingers crossed lol im glad your feeling better :)
    Hi :) thnks for the msg I'm new here nd kinda lost your msg had to find you nd say thnks x ow nd the dog is max
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