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  • Hey RM! I'm glad you seem to be doing better... :) My sa is so-so, very specific I guess... sometimes better, sometimes worse, I try to overcome it and do things anyway... :)
    I don't chat much but I'll be happy to talk via VMs or PMs... Is there Amnesty International or Friends of Earth or such in your town? It seems you could do well in that bunch! And maybe there would be volunteering positions or even maybe they could help with studying and employment later on?
    Take care & hope you have a nice weekend! (Or at least a survive-able one! :))
    Hey RM! Welcome to the forums! I liked the article you posted about Steve Jobs and China - funny things have been happening in China (and elsewhere)! Didn't know Apple factories were also problematic... See? This forum needs you!! I'll go cheesy and say this world needs you too!! (Because it's true!) And you're still young and can make many wonderful things happen!!
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