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  • I like what you wrote about time-tabling/scheduling your weekends! :) Has this approach worked for you or others you know and how? :)
    hello Richey, I was interested to see that you have posted something about wanting to have children, it is something i have definatly thought about before and i have to say i wouldn't want children, i might consider adopting if i was in a relationship in the future but if i had children i'd be terrified they would end up like me.
    my life is a big paradox, i have so many friends and i know lots of people (you might wonder why i am on here then) well it's because although i have so many friends i feel alone pretty much all of the time.
    i have adhd, dyslexia and possibly bi polar and so i sort of feel as though my presense should not be inflicted on to other people.
    sorry, that was a bit of a rant.
    how are you?
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