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    Bye guys!

    I'm leaving the forum. :) So I hope you all do well in your magical adventures in life. :) Fare well! Fare well! *waves* If anyone wants to talk or anything, just pm me.. I'll set it so that my pm's alert me in e-mail, if I haven't already done that. Bye guys. :)
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    Using the "search" tool on this forum

    Hi. Just wanted to show people this handy little tool... You can search for threads using key words.. In case your thought has already been thought of, or your question already questioned... Just click on the white arrow for the drop down box! :)
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    Music that makes you feel lovely..

    You know that weird deep feeling in the very core of your soul, when you listen to some songs? And you are just filled with so many comfy feelings? It's not really describable - you can only really feel it? Lol this thread is for that kind of music... It's not your "favourite" songs.. It's that...
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    What is love to you?

    Just curious XD How do you define love? What does it mean?
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    I'd like to introduce...

    CHIA OBAMA!! :D *clap clap clap*
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    Questions! Questions! Questions!

    I hate when people comment on things I like.. ie. I was making "white" spaghetti (not whole wheat) and my stepdad commented on that. I have, lol, christian bale as my wallpaper, and he asked about that. I was watching this cheesy movie, and he commented about that. It feels likes.. Judgments...
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    What is Barry listening to??

    nvm jokes jokes XD
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    So there was a tiny problem.. so! fixed now! The question is.. Should we have word censorship for the "F word", or not? Currently I don't know all the words that are censored... *test* Okay there are some pretty vile words that are not censored.. So why censor the F word?? VOTE!!! Post...
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    Chatbox - Where art thou?

    Where is the chatbox? Please vote if you want it back or not.. :) (I don't know if it's gone forever at this point) Also post your thoughts/feelings on its disappearance. :) Also, if you don't use it, but did/didn't mind it.. Please vote.
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    Extreme Insecurity...

    Is anyone else like insanely insecure?? I feel like such a sorry excuse for a human. And think people are so much better than me. And think I'm truly not likable. And that people will see through this idea they have of me that I am such a "good" person, and realize I am not. And I get anxious...
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    Good night... Doesn't feel right...

    Very frustrating. If people don't say things with the right tone, I automatically think something is wrong. Is that an OCD thing? Do others with OCD feel this way when talking to people?? If my friend doesn't say good night with a happy tone, I think something is wrong or he's upset or...
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    A ship

    A ship eh? :3 No poems for you!
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    what do you think of outgoing/chilled people?

    **This is NOT a thread directed toward ANYONE in particular!!** I just took the similar thread title because.. Well.. I wanted to show the opposite to this view that A LOT of people have. Not just ONE person. Not every person is shy. And it seems that a lot of people put down the fact that a...
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    The Grass is Greener! (Come Hither!)

    ...And that's what I have to say about that. So! What's your point of view? Share it.. And perhaps someone with another point of view might be able to take you on a tour through their pasture. My Grass: Having sex when the person doesn't mean much to you, and your reasons aren't well...
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    Second Guessing Myself...

    ALL THE TIME!! And it causes me to have so much anxiety and stress. I never know how I truly feel about things, because I'm given time to think about it, or I'm asked about it. For some reason, when people ask me questions about the things I say/do.. I automatically go into this "Do I? Or do I...