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  • YES! Our meetup is almost here, I'm excited to see you! - Excited to see Santa Monica also. I'll probably talk to you before you see this message though haha!
    What about Australia to begin with? i actually don't mind as long as it isn't in Europe! and where do you wanna go to? we could make a world tour:)
    Oh, my god. I'd run away with someone and start a new life. LOL...I seriously would. I would change my name and hair color while I was at it. I'd buy a bunch of dresses too of course. And maybe open a bakery though I know nothing about baking...
    Hehehe, I love this. I'll tell you why later. :)
    Hi Razzle Dazzle Rose! :) I'm 5ft10 or so (about 176.5 cm) & happy to meet other tall girls too!! :) Often when went out with friends, the girls were not as tall either, and I felt like la Tour Eiffel!
    You're brave to organize a meetup, hope it goes well!! :)
    Good on you for organizing a meetup. Shykiwi has done that here, and I admire him so much for it.

    It's hard to tell whether I developed the SA because of the teasing, or whether I was teased because of the SA.

    And the move wasn't bravery, it was desperation. I've almost worked up the courage to post that story, so you'll see.

    Oh and I'm 5'10". Meh.
    Belonging, that's a very precious thing to find. What do you think makes it feel that way?

    And yeah, I grew up here, but went to Cali to work. (I keep thinking of posting my career disaster story, but I'm too nervous.)

    But I'd wake up and think, "Oo, what a beautiful day," "Oo, another beautiful day". Took me a while to get my head around the fact that it was going to be like that every day. My memory is of a huge blue.
    Hehe, no worries, it's far behind in the past. No, it was not a school trip, it was just from an organisation that offered one-month trips for teengares to the UK, the US and other countries in order for them to practise their English. You had common activities in the morning with the other teens but then in the evenings everyone stayed with their family (the host family), so it was fine then. There I visited Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, LA and Hollywood. I know it was not much for a month, but I was satisfied :) So, whenever you want to come to Barcelona, you're welcome! I'm not a very good guide and I don't know the city very well, but I can try :p
    How am I liking the forum?

    There are so many people whose stories I relate to. Even as it pains me that there is so much suffering in here, it's such a... relief, I guess, to find people who get it.

    Plus it's helping me finally accept that I'm avoidant. It's helping me reevaulate my life, realize that things I've always discounted because they sound so ridiculous have actually been big deals.

    How's it been for you?
    It is the same with me about postcards, hehehe :p
    Yes, I was near to los Angeles three years ago. Can't say it was a good experience, but not because of the place, which I liked, but rather because of the company (some posh teenagers who had fun criticising and laughing at me). On the other hand, I stayed with a family in Camarillo (a nearby town, I don't know if you know it), and everything was fine with them. So yeah, the experience had like two sides.
    That would be no problem! :) I guess I would buy some typical touristic postcard, because that's what people usually do, lol. I was in California like three years ago, near LA. What city are you from?
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