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  • yuaaa i did a strawbeery just 4u haaaaa

    yuh i hope you feel bettor soon pinksy
    Well if I could stretch my arms from Minnesota to the UK I most certainly would give you a heartfelt hug! But this is the best I can do....
    aww ****masserive hugs**** please dont cry, if you have to tho please know that a cry is not forever. o an i put jam on m ear so it will be ok for you :D
    No, I didn't think you were rude at all. I was very concerned about you, because after reading your posts, I thought you were trying to reach out for my help or just someone to listen to you, and I wasn't there when you needed help. So I felt guilty and terrible inside, especially as low as you were. I have been there so many times, so I know how you must have felt. I am glad that you are alright, and that you are back here again. Please don't let it get that bad again, if you can help it. There are many here that care. Please please PLEASE pm me or whoever here that you are comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings with before going down that path again! Glad your back!
    i am glad you feel better missy. i have felt that way before so do not worry one bit homie. you are a good pretty lady and my ear is open for you :]
    **** I feel sick now reading your post. Hardly talked but I do care about you and hope to speak to you soon :(
    Please come back to us Paula! I want to get to know my new found friend! Please write to me anytime!
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