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  • oh yeah, what's similar do you think?

    I don't get what you mean about next step. I had to chase her and ask her out after that night. Sure, she responded well and asked for my number but I doubt she would have continued talking unless I kept it going.
    I was taking that for quite a few years, Lexapro prior to that. I thought it worked well for awhile, but started to think it wasn't doing much for depression. But that could be just the stuff that goes along with SA and low self-esteem...who knows? So, she switched me to Cymbalta last year and I get patient assistance samples. Not sure if it made a difference.
    It started getting out of hand close to 2yrs ago. By getting out of hand I mean afraid of going into a Wawa because I felt so self conscious. Medication has been helping me though. Are you on meds?
    Saw your comments about a post that I made and I've added you as a friend. Meetup.com seems to be a great place - I haven't heard of it before! I'll add you friend...hope you are well!

    It is nice to meet you.

    It is summer here. We have had some scorching days here in Wellington and the view from my flat on a summer's day is stunning.
    Afghan Whigs SUPER fan. I’ve been listening to them since Gentlemen. I’m a fan of anything to do with Greg Dulli, really. I love the Twilight Singers and Gutter Twins as well.

    I’m really envious that you got to see Dulli in person. Envious, and also inspired to get well enough to finally see him myself. The Twilight Singers were in NC a couple of years ago, pretty close to where I live, but I couldn’t get the nerve up to go see them.

    Great to hear from you, I don’t meet many Whigs fans.
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