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    Online Dating: ratios

    Ok. I'll tell you that I'm on and off in online dating. Real choppy. I don't have it attached to my phone so only get on when on my computer. Anyway I'm looking at ratios tonight. I swear there is something going on. the sausage fest that is POF. There is something going on there. I just...
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    Being skinny in a "bigger" world

    I have even advised other people to be happy about being skinny but the last few weeks I'm starting to second guess how good being skinny really is. I'm 5'11'', 155 lbs. I do have a little muscle tone but someone's first observation of my body size is that i'm skinny. I guess this kinda...
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    When you don't enjoy talking to most people

    What's the point of putting yourself through all of the social stuff? Where is the proof that socializing with others will make me happy and ok? Sure you can find surveys or studies that tell you socializing is more healthy, but who does those studies.....people that aren't me. Just because...
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    Has anyone ever questioned this?

    I see a lot of people saying one needs to work on themselves before they are ready for a relationship. I'm not disagreeing with that, but I do see something interesting with that statement. If we need to work on ourselves first, and be happy by ourselves first, then why even pursue love? If...
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    Finding a wingman online

    This is for guys only, I guess. I need some help, I think it would help out my courage if I had a supportive wingman with me for hitting the nightlife. Has anyone found a good wingman online? If you have, how did you go about it. I'm having a lot of trouble finding someone in my city.
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    Job hunting

    I just want to post about my current experience in job hunting. I'm working part time for delivery driver job right now and I'm looking for another part time job in my city. So far I've filled about 8 or 9 apps, with no luck yet. I need this other job to pay for the apartment I'm about to get...
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    There is no cure, but still hope, I believe

    Before everyone gets mad, hear me out on this one. Yes, I'm saying there is no 100% cure to SA and shyness (btw, i think those things are pretty much the same thing, shyness/SA) if you have what they call bad shyness (an example of someone who has bad shyness is me, someone who hasn't had...
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    Hey, I'm back. Not feeling well.

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I've been more depressed lately. I just got back from a basketball game I played in and feel down because I feel like the only person on the team who doesn't have conversations with any of the people at the games. I'm so lonely that I just wanted to...
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    The Manti Teo g/f thing

    If anyone follows sports, or if you don't even follow sports, you may have heard about this Manti Teo hoax thing which has pounded the media the past two days. In short, what happened is Teo claims his g/f died of leukemia but now they found out this g/f never existed. I am reading about...
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    Find yourself? What the heck?

    I bring this up because it's so common in these forums for people to answer your problem with "find yourself" type answers. That's such a condescending way of trying to help someone. You are implying that there is so much wrong with me that I need to become a better person. There is...
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    It's not like I'm imagining things

    Hey, I'm in a conversation on OKCupid right now with a woman. She's somewhat ok looking, and we were just talking. I'm feeling bad so I say that I'm kind of mad about how my life has turned out and then she tells me her life hasn't been much better. Then I say, oh really? Let me ask you...
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    Told that I'm socially weak

    Hey, I'm coming off what may have been the worst night of my life last night. I may have a lot to say, so bare with me. I've done like 10 different meetings in person with 10 different women after meeting women online but this one was by far the worst. I asked if she wanted to meet in a bar...
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    The story of a shy man's life

    Hey, I just was thinking about a party I had been to about 6 years ago. I know, it was a while ago, but something that happened there just resinated with me and told me a lot about what a shy guy has to go through. Anyway, I was at this party and was walking around scouting everyone and saw an...
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    Just another rant I have to get out

    This isn't just about online dating, I guess. Although it has a lot to do with online dating sites. Anyway, I decided to stay home last night (Saturday night) and then I got bored so I decided to get some female online interaction with online dating sites. I am home a lot, I'm not denying...
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    I can't help myself but wonder

    I just talked to this girl on Plenty Of Fish. About her, she is attractive, and let's face it, that's all you need on there if you are a woman and want to receive messages. Anyway, she just confessed to me that she averages over 30 messages a month. Good god, that is insane when you compare...