The Manti Teo g/f thing


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If anyone follows sports, or if you don't even follow sports, you may have heard about this Manti Teo hoax thing which has pounded the media the past two days.

In short, what happened is Teo claims his g/f died of leukemia but now they found out this g/f never existed.

I am reading about this and I'm actually sitting here saying, who cares?? Am I missing something?

It seems now the media and analysts are saying stuff like this is going to effect Teo's draft stock. For those that don't know what that means it means that some NFL teams may not be interested in him.

I'm saying even if Teo did lie about all this stuff just to get attention, which btw is definitely a possibilty, so what? So he's kind of shady. Besides that, he has a reputation as being a great guy. I don't see why he'd be a bad teammate just because he lied about some g/f that he didn't even meet. I'll explain that in the next message so I don't make just one too long ramble.

Let me know your thoughts on this or if you have anymore info that maybe I don't know.