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    Putting my dog down

    I am feeling a bit... unsure right now. I am not really sure where to post this, so hopefully this is the right place. A little back story... my mom's dog (I'll call her Britta) has been sick for a couple years now. I live in another state than my mom does and I remember when she called me to...
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    Venting about a bad night

    Last night I had a really horrible night. Tried getting to sleep after awhile, but I only got about three hours. I guess that's kind of good considering most people who can't sleep get less? I don't know So, I just need to vent out my feelings. I was going to do it in the "how are you feeling"...
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    Rambling... again.

    I hate how even sitting right next to someone, I can feel incredibly lonely. It almost feels more lonely than when I am alone. It's like there's this deep void between the other person and myself that I will never be able to cross. I don't know if I will ever be able to feel that connected...
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    I can't believe I am starting another thread. I can't believe how active I have been on here. I feel like a freight train going 300 miles per hour and I can't stop myself. I feel "wrong" and it makes me feel weird and uncomfortable and stupid... but I can't stop. Also, do I never not ramble? I...
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    Alone. Deleted.

    Another person deleted me off their facebook friends. Big freaking surprise. The part that sucks, is a few months ago, I really considered this person a close friend. I felt like her and her boyfriend were the only two true friends I had left. Her boyfriend, my other good friend, has OCD, so...
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    Compliment Opinion

    okay, so this is sort of on the same topic as the "do girls like to be called beautiful?" At first I was thinking, everyone loves a compliment... but now I wonder, how much is too much? So, I want to tell someone how cool I think they are. We aren't that close, but I have realized that he...
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    Random, long rant...again.

    Sorry, going to get rid of this. Not sure how to delete.
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    Completely Alone

    I just can't believe how alone I am. I can't believe it has gotten this bad. My posts seem to be a bit long, sometimes I get on one thought and then 10 more pop up. I will understand if no one reads it all, I just need somewhere to vent. I had a handful of friends back in my home state that I...